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How Oracle helped Globacom manage a billion call data records daily? An Oracle customer case study

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Globacom Limited official logo.

Globacom Limited is a mobile communication company operating in West Africa.  It is currently a leading mobile telephony provider in Nigeria and has operations in the Ivory Coast, Ghana and Benin.  The company also built the Glo-1 submarine fiber optic cable that provides extra bandwidth to several cities, including those in Ghana, Nigeria, Mauritania, Senegal, Spain, the United Kingdom and Portugal.

The company aims to:

  • Understand its customers’ behavior better
  • Enhance subscriber retention
  • Improve cross-selling of products and services

To do that, Globacom figured out that it would need to optimize its processing of network and subscriber information.  They also realized that they needed to do better with analytics and reporting so that they could come up with better promotions, new products and services as well as other marketing campaigns.

Lastly, they wanted to improve on their customer service by making real time data available to their customer service agents.

How Oracle helped Globacom

The company chose to deploy Oracle Big Data Appliance X3-2 Starter Rack to gather, store, analyze and organize at least a billion call data records daily.  Every second, the business needs to collect around five gigabytes of data, including information on event times, network-performance, Web browsing, terminated networks, quality of service, and event cost and consumption.

They also used Oracle NoSQL Database Community Edition, which allowed them to analyze the behavior of individual subscribers and incorporate these into existing marketing, customer care and sales platforms within just minutes.  The changes helped the company retain subscribers and develop a profit-making subscriber base.  What’s more, they also deployed MCentric’s xDR Navigator so that large data sets can be analyzed beforehand, while also making real time queries possible.  What all these led to was reduced query response times from three minutes to as short as five seconds. This is because customer service agents have the correct and up-to-date information to work with.  It also led to better first call resolution numbers, allowing the company to free up to 35,000 minutes daily.  That is equivalent to the output of at least 80 customer service agents working eight hours a day.

Furthermore, the company also standardized their telecommunication and IT network events formats. This helped Globacom set the stage for better insights to the whole enterprise into such important metrics as fraud risk, internal process failures, subscriber behaviour and capacity bottlenecks.  What these mean is that business and IT managers are now on the same page and speaking the same language. The result? Everyone have a better understanding of the entire company and all of its operations.  This helped bring in better marketing campaigns and innovative new services and products, as well as improvements to the existing services.

Lastly, they worked with Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services to help speed up the deployment time from the expected sixteen weeks to only ten weeks.

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To know more about how Oracle helped Globacom, you can read our source here.

Photo courtesy of Globacom’s Facebook page.

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