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Oracle Infrastructure as a Service: Get Oracle Engineered Systems without the hefty price

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 Oracles IaaS gives you the chance to deploy your own Oracle Exalogic, Exalytics, Exadata, Big Data Appliance.

If you are currently looking at Oracle’s Engineered Systems but are not sure whether it is right for you or if you do not have the money to invest in it yet, you can opt for Oracle Infrastructure as a Service.

Oracle Infrastructure as a Service allows you to get Oracle Engineered Systems running at your office or store.  This helps you defer what should be a capital expense as an operational expense, which could in turn help you save on taxes.  It can also prove to be more affordable for you to avail of Engineered Systems via IaaS than if you buy it outright because of the pay-as-you-go pricing.  Further, User Programmatic Interface can capitalize on Capacity on Demand, wherein you can get more resources when your workload demands it.  This is just perfect if you have seasonally heavy workloads such as during the holidays, or when tax season is coming.

Pay as you go

If you do not have the budget to invest on Oracle Engineered Systems up front, you will appreciate the monthly fee you spend on the hardware and the support you get from Oracle IaaS.  You will, however, need to commit for at least three years.  The good news is that after your initial commitment is done, the three-year minimum commitment will be reduced to quarterly commitments at lower monthly rates.

Value-added services

More than just allowing you to get Oracle Engineered Systems without heavy upfront investment, you also get Oracle Platinum and Oracle PlatinumPlus services.  These are only available to IaaS customers.  Oracle PlatinumPlus automatically assesses your Engineered Systems every quarter to make sure that these are tuned and configured correctly.  You also get tuning recommendations and other guidance that will help you get more out of your engineered systems.

You can also get Oracle Premier Support for Systems as well as Oracle Platinum, which helps you maintain high availability.

All of these are already included in the monthly pricing, which means that you get to enjoy quick response times, remote patching and round-the-clock fault monitoring with your IaaS package.


The best thing about Oracle Infrastructure as a Service is that you can deploy it on your own premises.  This means that you have a greater degree of control and you can use your own security protocols to help protect your infrastructure.

Oracles IaaS gives you the chance to deploy your own Oracle Exalogic, Exalytics, Exadata, Big Data Appliance, Sun ZFS Storage Appliance and Oracle SuperCluster at your premises at a monthly rate.  What’s more, you also get the support you need to go with it.  You also get the convenience of quick scaling up or down depending on your requirements, paying only for CPU capacity when you need it most.

Ready to explore this option?  Call Four Cornerstone today and we can help you get a head start with Oracle Infrastructure as a Service.  We can even assist you in deploying and configuring your desired Oracle Engineered Systems, as well as other Oracle hardware and software.  Our team of Oracle experts can guarantee that you will never have a problem with Oracle products.

Photo-figure courtesy of Oracle.

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