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Oracle’s Internet of Things Platform

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Get a faster return on your investment. Oracle makes Internet of Things deployment simpler with new capabilities that improve efficiency.

Oracle is a leading software company, so it is not surprising if it has managed to dip its fingers into all the upcoming and emerging technologies.

One such emerging technology is the Internet of Things.  Not known to many, Oracle has a range of products that deal with machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity, an important part of the Internet of Things.  The company gives you the platform you need to make machine-to-machine connectivity possible through the Oracle Internet of Things Platform.

What is the Oracle Internet of Things Platform?

Oracle’s Internet of Things Platform gives users a complete solution for scalable, cost-effective and simple machine-to-machine architecture.  It helps you develop applications faster, making sure that your development costs are kept in check and you have a faster time to market from development to deployment.  It can also help you in managing and analyzing large amounts of data coming from these machines.  Further, it allows you to integrate and process all the data you get and help you make decisions from it.

Moreover, it is highly compatible with other Oracle software, making sure that you cut costs and hasten up the delivery of new services.  All these while maintaining a high level of security for your M2M architecture ensuring that you have data protection protocols that meets regulatory requirements.

Connected machines and devices

Oracle uses Java Embedded technologies, which is the perfect set up for your machine-to-machine architecture.  Why? This is because Java is the best language for devices without that many resources to work with.  A feature phone with a very low memory and CPU horsepower could easily run a Java application.  And yet, Java is very secure and scalable at the same time.  Java is also a standards-based language.  So if you have sensors and other devices to deploy, consider using Oracle Java ME Embedded.

Meanwhile, you can use Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded to process the huge amount of data that you could expect to come in.  This processing happens on the device itself, so you do not have to contend with latency.

The Internet of Things and Oracle Apps

Your Internet of Things set up would also need to be scalable.  This is where Oracle Fusion Middleware comes in.  Oracle Fusion Middleware allows you to process any type of data, be it structured or unstructured.  This is possible to do even in real time, so that you could get timely business intelligence and better decision-making support.

From the connected or smart devices and sensors to your smart data centers, you now have actionable data that is easy to understand.  You would need to feed these information into various Oracle Business Applications, i.e, HR, CRM and ERP, to fully make use of the data.

Lastly, you can look to Oracle Engineered Systems to serve as a foundation for your Internet of Things deployment.  These hardware systems are pre-configured, certified and pre-tested.   It is also designed to give you the best performance and be highly scalable while also saving you money.

Admittedly, getting into the Internet of Things entails a lot of learning, time and waiting to get the project off the ground.  Do not worry, though, Four Cornerstone is here to help you.  We can walk you through the steps of using Oracle’s Internet of Things Platform, and we are just a phone call away!

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