Oracle Introduces Two New Extensions: For a more robust business management solution

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Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison at the 2014 Oracle OpenWorld.

Oracle is set to help customers make sense of IT management even for the most complex environments with extensions made for both Oracle Enterprise Manager and MySQL Enterprise Edition.

The new extensions for Oracle Enterprise Manager allow users to manage MySQL environments on top of the ones that they are currently managing.  In short, you can now monitor and manage MySQL Enterprise Edition using Oracle Enterprise Manager.  Now, you only need to look at one console to manage all your applications that rely on MySQL.

When you use Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database, you can discover MySQL targets automatically, monitor your database availability, collect metric, access performance dashboards and have configurable thresholds.  This is also the latest in a series of products that Oracle has closely integrated with MySQL Enterprise Edition.  These products, such as Oracle Secure Backup, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall, are all certified to work with MySQL Enterprise Edition 

New extensions for MySQL Enterprise Edition

Oracle had more good news when it announced that they have new extensions for MySQL Enterprise Edition.  These include:

  1. MySQL Enterprise Backup extensions that help you back up and restore while on the cloud, you could now have a backup of your MySQL on Amazon S3.
  2. You can also easily clone your servers for replication and high availability because you can get binlog and relay log backup and recover.
  3. You can also have a faster and more efficient backup and restore process because the extension allows you to have object level recovery and optimistic backup.  This is especially useful if you have a big database with a lot of unused or unchanged tables.

Other new developments

  • MySQL Enterprise Encryption, a new extension that gives you better data protection by using asymmetric cryptography, as well as private and public keys.
  • An entirely new MySQL Enterprise Edition Yum repository that allows businesses like yours to control your versions of software, updates and patches, and maintain your own infrastructure.
  • Better audit functionalities that allow you to use filtering based on user accounts.  This gives rise to a more granular review of your MySQL activities to ensure compliance.

One of the best things about choosing Oracle for your systems is that you get more features that make your life easier and convenient.  Like this instance wherein Oracle came up with features and functionalities that help you simplify your IT management by bringing your most mission critical environments together, so you only need one console to monitor and control them.

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Photo courtesy of Oracle_Photos_Screenshots.

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