Oracle JDeveloper 101: Get to know more about Oracle JDeveloper

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Using JDeveloper with Oracle ADF Mobile, you can easily create Android and iOS applications.

Oracle JDeveloper helps you simplify Java-based applications and is compatible with a range of other languages.  And knowing how Java is very easy to learn and is independent of any platforms, thus making it the language of choice for most app developers, makes Oracle JDeveloper a really useful tool.

What Is Oracle JDeveloper?

Oracle JDeveloper is an integrated development environment that you can use for programming in BPEL, HTML, Java, JavaScript, SQL PL/SQL, PHP and XML.

This freeware is very useful as it can help you through the entire development lifecycle, from designing right down to writing code, optimizing, profiling, debugging and to deploying.

What’s more, you can use Oracle JDeveloper with Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) to help you develop your applications faster and easier.


Aside from having an integrated development environment incorporating the most widely used programming languages, as well as full support throughout all states of an application’s life, you also get:

  • Declarative and Visual Application Development. With JDeveloper, you can use visual editors, structure panes, editing dialogs and property inspectors to create your application.  This means that you can greatly simplify your coding.  In fact, you can probably create an app without having to code anything.  However, if you need to view and modify the source code, you can always do so.
  • Work with Databases.  You can use JDeveloper to work with both Oracle Database and other third-party databases.  You can use the database modeler to help you do some forward and reverse modeling and some structure reporting for relational databases.  You could also use the SQL Developer that comes out of the box to view your database, execute queries and do some object manipulation and definition.
  • Create Future-proof Web Pages. You can use JDeveloper to create HTML5 Web pages easily.  Not only do you get to use a visual editor, but you can also use the JavaScript Editor (to come up with working scripts) and the CSS3 editor (gives you the design you want).
  • Mobile Development Made Easy.  If you are looking to create mobile apps, you can also use JDeveloper for that.  Using JDeveloper with Oracle ADF Mobile, you can easily create Android and iOS applications.
  • Compatible with Other Oracle Products.  If you are using Oracle software such as the Oracle WebCenter Suite, Oracle BI or Oracle SOA Suite, you can use JDeveloper as your development environment.  For example, with JDeveloper’s declarative editor, you can easily define rules and policies for Oracle SOA, while diagrams help you build BPEL, ESB and BPM processes.  Or you can use Oracle WebCenter to help you manage and develop portlets and content repositories as well as add Web 2.0 services to Oracle JDeveloper.  Meanwhile, you can easily integrate JDeveloper with Oracle BI so that you could have graphs and reports that are otherwise not possible for you to have and even display these in Oracle ADF pages.

If you are planning to use Oracle JDeveloper and need help getting it off the ground or if you need to train your application developers on how to best use JDeveloper, you can call Four Cornerstone.  We can help you with everything you need with JDeveloper and other Oracle products.

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