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The Oracle JDeveloper Development Experience

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You can use Oracle JDeveloper to come up with Web interfaces for Human Workflows and BAM.

Video here: https://download.oracle.com/otn_hosted_doc/jdeveloper/12cdemos/JDevOverview12c/JDevOverview12c.html


Oracle JDeveloper makes it very easy to create a business application that is based on best practices and standards.

Shay Shmeltzer of the Oracle JDeveloper Team has shown us what the development experience is when using Oracle JDeveloper.  Shmeltzer says that JDeveloper helps you to be more productive with Java EE development and allows you to use a visual or declarative environment.  JDeveloper also provides you with:

  • Integrated Development
  • Choice of Development Approach

Easy Application Development with Visual and Declarative Environment

Shmeltzer shows us just how easy it is to build any app with just a few clicks.  You can use a template and just go through a series of visual editors, structure panes, editing dialogs and property inspectors to simplify and even eliminate coding.  But of course, you can also access the code easily if you need to modify it.

Integrated Development

Oracle JDeveloper brings together various development features for Database, XML, Web, SOA and JAVA.  What does this mean?  You will need only one development tool, Oracle JDeveloper, to create applications using all of these.  You will also reduce the time you need to learn these technologies because they will all share the same development experience and project structure.  The development process has never been this simple, even with the variety of technologies involved!

A Complete Set of Development Tools

With Oracle JDeveloper, you can get a complete set of technologies to help you develop your applications. 

For example, when working with Java, you can use JDeveloper for both Java EE and Java SE.  You could implement a lot of shortcut along with the advanced code editors, re-factoring, live code auditing, and other tools to help you quickly complete your code.  You can even use its debugger, profilers and code auditor to make sure that you only work with high quality code.

JDeveloper also allows you to develop for both Oracle and third-party databases.  It has top-notch SQL Developer capabilities, a PL/SQL editor, a database modeler and other tools to make that fast and simple.

JDeveloper is useful even when developing for the Web, with its visual HTML 5 editor that makes use of drag and drop to make it easy for you to come up with a Web page.  You could also use an integrated JavaScript editor and a CSS 3 editor to help you come up with great designs.

You can get JDeveloper to use with Oracle Fusion Middleware, allowing you to create various business services for Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle BI and Oracle WebCenter Suite.  For instance, you can integrate JDeveloper with Oracle BI so that you can define new graphs and reports coming from different sources of data and put these on Oracle ADF pages.  Or you can use the declarative JDeveloper editor to define business rules for Oracle SOA easily.

You can also use Oracle JDeveloper to come up with Web interfaces for Human Workflows and BAM.

There is no question about it, Oracle JDeveloper can give you a complete solution that allows developers to increase productivity when building top-notch Enterprise Java applications that are also SOA-enabled.  If you want to gain this advantage, contact Four Cornerstone now!

Four Cornerstone can deploy a team of Oracle experts to help you get up and running with JDeveloper and make sure that you get the best out of it.  If you need to train your developers, Four Cornerstone also offers top notch tutorials not only with Oracle JDeveloper but other Oracle software as well.

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