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Oracle JRockit Products: High performance and low latency for your apps

JRockit Real Time is a standard Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that runs best on Intel quad-core processors.

In today’s world, everything moves in real time.  Your applications need to perform at the highest levels because data can be stale and rendered useless even with the slightest latency.  This is the reason why businesses today are using Java for their applications.  However, if you are really serious about getting the highest level of agility performance from your apps, you need to use Oracle JRockit Real Time.


1. Oracle JRockit gives you predictable latency and extreme performance.

In the past, Java has been seen as unpredictable and suffers from high latency.  Even standards-based solutions suffer from the same problems.  This led to many businesses spending time and money on building their own infrastructure using C or C++.  Not only is this expensive but it is also very hard to manage.

With Oracle JRockit Real Time, you can make use of standard Java and still get high performance and low latency.  You could deploy JRockit Real Time even for service-oriented systems, event-driven architectures and those that need to have a lot of resources for high levels of transaction processing.

2. This leads to other benefits.

What all these means is that:

  • You get the best performance and predictable latency that ensure high availability for your applications.
  • You do not need to code when you swap out any JVM.
  • You get top-notch management tools that could help you do app performance tuning and monitoring without affecting the application’s performance.

3. Control pause times.

Oracle JRockit Real Time uses deterministic garbage collection.  Garbage collection in this instance means memory that is reserved for objects that are no longer in use.  JRockit Real Time lets users specify just how long a pause time should last and even the number of pauses within a certain time period.  This way, you get average microsecond latency for your applications, allowing them to run in real time.

4. You get to use it with JRockit Mission Control.

Monitor and manage your applications with Oracle JRockit Mission Control.  You get a suite of tools that you can use to:

  • Monitor applications so that any issues are identified and resolved before they become a performance or reliability problem.
  • Detect memory leaks without slowing down your apps.
  • Analyze sources of latency in your applications and resolve it in a fraction of a second.
  • Get runtime information that is very detailed so as to allow you to diagnose issues and improve performance.

If you are using the Oracle WebLogic Suite, you may use the Oracle WebLogic Real Time that is included in the Suite.

If you require applications that have predictable latency and high performance, or if you need real-time events and alerts, then you need to use Oracle JRockit Real Time.  Talk to Four Cornerstone if you are thinking of deploying Oracle JRockit Real Time on your Oracle Linux, Novell SUSE Linux, Windows, Sun Solaris and other platforms.

We can help you deploy Oracle JRockit products so that you could have response times that clock in at microseconds and so you can have the best garbage collection capabilities and be able to manage all these easily.  Call Four Cornerstone today!

Photo by Oracle.

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