Oracle Key Vault: Manage encryption keys, Oracle Wallets, Java Keystores, credential files

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Oracle Key Vault uses Oracle Database and Oracle Linux for scalability, availability and security.

Your data is vulnerable to hacking and other security threats.  On top of that, there are several government and industry regulations that you would need to comply with, especially when you are dealing with credit card information, personally identifiable information and other confidential data that you may get.

As part of its database security products, Oracle offers Key Vault.

Oracle Key Vault is a secure and central key management tool that allows you to deploy encryption for your business.  You can also centrally manage Oracle Wallets, credential files and Java Keystores, among others.  This is very important because Java Keystores and Oracle Wallets are often widely spread across servers and clusters.  Backing up and distributing these files are usually done manually.  Oracle Key Vault stores and secures these files in one location, while also allowing endpoints to access local copies of these files even when these are disconnected from the Oracle Key Vault.

If you lose or accidentally delete these files, you can recover them from your archives.

Oracle Key Vault also helps you simplify sharing Oracle Wallets across your database clusters, such as Oracle Active Data Guard, Oracle Real Application Clusters or Oracle GoldenGate.

You can also use Oracle Key Vault to manage Oracle Advanced Security TDE or Transparent Data Encryption master keys.  TDE master keys are just perfect if you do not want to use local wallet files.

Oracle Key Vault uses Oracle Database and Oracle Linux for scalability, availability and security.  You can also use Oracle Key Vault to backup your credential files, or those that contain Kerberos keytabs, SSH keys and other similar keys.  This way, you can retain and recover your credential files even for the long term.  You can even share it to various endpoints as long as they have authority to access these credential files.

What’s more, you can manage your keys throughout the entire lifecycle, such as creation, expiration and rotation.

You can manage all of these from a browser based console.  And your administrator roles can be divided into several roles, such as audit management, system management and key management for separation of duties.

Overall, you get Oracle Key Vault as an ISO image.  It is already pre-configured and optimized for security.  The whole package is easy to install and configure and you can deploy it as primary or standby for you to get higher availability and for you to address disaster recovery scenarios better.  You could also schedule automatic backups to a remote location, and is backwards compatible out of the box.

If you want to know more about Oracle Key Vault and the rest of the products under the Oracle Database Security line, you can call Four Cornerstone at 1 (817) 377-1144.  You will gain a team of Oracle certified experts who can talk to you about the many benefits of Oracle Key Vault as well as other Oracle tools, products and features that you can use to give your business the competitive edge and to maximize your IT investments.

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