Oracle Multitenant and Database as a Service (DBaaS) – Part 2 of 2

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Oracle Multitenant is the architecture for the next-generation database cloud.

In the first installment of this two-part series, we have established that there is a demand for database as a service solutions in today’s enterprise. We also established that the old way of doing things, even server virtualization, will not be enough to bring out the full potentials of database as a service.

In order to realize the full benefits of your database as a service solution, you need to be able to consolidate your database schema. In the old days, this would have meant a painstaking and time-consuming manual process that few IT professionals know how to do right. It was not rare for a company to try out consolidating database schema in the past, but most of them gave up feeling frustrated.

Now with Oracle Multitenant, businesses can confidently do everything to create their own database as a service environment. This is done without having to go through a headache inducing database schema consolidation. Oracle Multitenant allows you to use container databases and pluggable databases, all sharing the same resources as well as the same background processes. You only maintain the container level and all the applications only talk to the pluggable databases.

What this means is that your IT staff would be able to deploy manage and control your databases without pain and complexity. This is because you get to manage all your applications on your server as one. Oracle Multitenant also paved the way for better memory utilization and lesser need for storage. In short, companies are able to get 80% more performance and half the storage requirements for their databases using the same setup and hardware.

And if you need to provision new databases, Oracle Multitenant also makes it easier for you. Think of it as simply cloning a database to a new one. You get all the setup and configuration that you already have and copy it to a new database in just minutes. Oracle Multitenant is also plug and play in that an administrator would be able to unplug a database from a container and then plug that same database into another database.

Oracle Multitenant also works without hitches with Oracle RAC and Data Guard, ensuring high availability for your database. Oracle RAC distributes data processing over your cluster of servers so that if one of your servers goes offline, other servers would be able to take over. Data Guard, on the other hand, makes your databases reliable by making sure that you have synchronized copies of your entire database at various sites and locations.

Indeed, Oracle Multitenant works best when you use other Oracle products with it, such as Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Together, Oracle Multitenant, Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Enterprise Manager can help you get the best in house database as a service solution.   Only Oracle has a comprehensive solution that works for your and meets all your needs and demands with high consolidation density, speed of provisioning, and fast and easy management.

And only Four Cornerstone can provide you with a team of Oracle certified IT experts who can work with you as you put up your database as a service solution. Call us today at 1 (817) 377 1144 and make everything easier!

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