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Oracle Multitenant: Transform your current database into a pluggable database

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 Oracle Multitenant is designed to make it easier for you to get onto the cloud and start experiencing the benefits of cloud services.

Oracle Multitenant is another option introduced for Oracle’s latest database software, Oracle Database 12c.

Oracle Multitenant allows users to bring down their IT costs by simplifying a lot of processes, including upgrades, provisioning and consolidation, among others.  It uses a new architecture wherein a single multitenant database container may hold a number of pluggable databases.

What’s more, Oracle Multitenant works well with Oracle Active Data Guard, Oracle Real Application Clusters and a host of other Oracle Database 12c options.

Benefits of Using Oracle Multitenant

Oracle Multitenant allows you to turn your current database into a pluggable database.

Also, all of your pluggable databases share the same resources, such as the background processes and memory, as long as they are in the same container database.  This means that your databases will be set up as if you are using schema-based consolidation, without the headaches that the process normally entails.

If you need to copy your pluggable database to another container database, you can simply unplug and plug it into the other database.  Or you can clone the database to create a copy in the same or in another multitenant container database.  The best thing about these provisioning and cloning techniques is that is only takes seconds to do and uses SQL commands!

Further, you gain the convenience of being able to manage all of your existing databases as if it were one.  So instead of repeatedly backing up several databases such as what you are doing now, you can consolidate everything into a single multitenant container database and just backup that one database.

Lastly, Oracle also gives you an easy way to manage resources.  Resource Manager in Oracle Database 12c can help you control how the resources are provisioned to various pluggable databases that are housed in the multitenant container database.

In short, Oracle Multitenant helps you consolidate your database easily and fast.  You can also clone and provision your databases within seconds.  Further, it can help you manage your databases as one, cutting back the time you need to upgrade, patch and manage your databases.

Cloud Ready

Oracle Multitenant is designed to make it easier for you to get onto the cloud and start experiencing the benefits of cloud services.

What’s more, it may be using a new architecture, but the way your database works is still the same.  For example, you can retain your application even as you consolidate your database.  Plus, resource prioritization and data isolation are done as if you are on separate databases.

As such, Oracle Multitenant takes away a lot of the challenges that other companies are facing when they decide to transfer to the cloud.

We can make it easier for you!

Four Cornerstone can make it easier still.  We have a team of Oracle experts who could help you consolidate your databases using Oracle Multitenant.  We make sure that you have everything you need even before you get off the ground. This way, you could take full advantage of the cloud and your investments in Oracle Database 12c.

Four Cornerstone can also help you train your staff in understanding and using Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Multitenant and other Oracle products and services.  We are just a phone call away!

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