Oracle MySQL Community vs Oracle MySQL Enterprise

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 Oracle frequently releases an update to MySQL Enterprise, both monthly in the form of rapid updates and quarterly, as quarterly service packs.

A lot of businesses are now using MySQL Community Edition. And why not?  It is free to download and use with a GPL license and has remained to be the most popular database that is open source.

However, what makes MySQL Community truly attractive is that there is a very active community standing behind it.  If you run into a problem, chances are there is a discussion board or forum that you could consult for solutions.

MySQL Community edition gives you a high-performing, scalable and reliable database system.  It brings together crash recovery, row level locking, rollback and ACID compliance in just one package.

With MySQL Community, you get a full range of tools and drivers that make the lives of your database administrators and developers easier.

MySQL Community gives you the following benefits:

  • Self-healing replication clusters that improve database availability, performance and scalability.
  • Schema changes may be done online.
  • Performance schema gives you the capability to monitor application level performance, resource consumption and user performance.
  • NoSQL access.

What’s more, you do not have to worry about being locked into a specific platform or operating systems and you can easily go into big data initiatives.

Oracle MySQL Enterprise

The truth is, MySQL Community and MySQL Enterprise use the same servers. However, being free, MySQL Community has some limitations that may make you want to upgrade to Oracle MySQL Enterprise.

Oracle MySQL Enterprise has everything you love with the Community edition and adds quite a lot of powerful features such as:

  • Hot backup, which allows you to back up data that are currently being accessed
  • Policy-based auditing, which may now be implemented
  • MySQL Enterprise monitor, which allows you to easily and simply manage, monitor and administer your database
  • MySQL advisor rules, which you can use to incorporate best practices in MySQL
  • The ability to view query performance across the different databases you have
  • MySQL Workbench, which allows you to visually design, create and even administer databases

Also, compared to MySQL Community, the Enterprise flavor has:

  • Higher and much better availability
  • More security

However, the best thing about the Enterprise edition is that you get official support from Oracle.  What’s more, certification and training for Oracle MySQL is based on this edition.

What would make you want to upgrade to Enterprise even if you are currently running Community?

Well, Enterprise has everything that you get in the Community version, but you have technical support and additional tools. What’s more, Oracle frequently releases an update to MySQL Enterprise, both monthly in the form of rapid updates and quarterly, as quarterly service packs. Further, Oracle has made sure that it will be easy for you to upgrade to Enterprise from Community.

The Four Cornerstone Advantage

Four Cornerstone can help you implement both Oracle MySQL Community edition and Oracle MySQL Enterprise edition.  From licensing to deployment, we will be there every step of the way!

If you decide to stay with MySQL Community, we can provide you with technical support.  Four Cornerstone has a team of DBA and IT professionals that are MySQL experts. This means that you no longer have to spend valuable time trolling forums and discussion boards when looking for answers to your MySQL questions.  We can give you customized solutions to your problems!

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