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Oracle Optimized Data Center: Take your business’ service infrastructure to the next level

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Oracle Optimized Data Center can be used for both Oracle and third party technologies.

Simply put, the Optimized Data Center is Oracle’s roadmap for a business or enterprise to be able to have a cost-effective and dynamic service infrastructure.  These strategies are aimed at growing your business and fostering innovation.

But first, what constitutes an optimized data center?

An optimized data center has a simple IT infrastructure with a low total cost of operations.  The lower costs enable you to have more money so that you could invest more on innovations and further increase your competitive edge.

You should be able to deploy critical applications and services by having best practice procedures in deploying business IT solution.

Lastly, an optimized data center should have advanced software, technologies and systems that can help you surpass service levels while also fostering flexibility and innovation.

The good news is that Oracle can best help you transform your business into an optimized data center by giving you the best software, the expertise and the needed top-notch systems.

So what does the Oracle Optimized Data Center say you should have in order to achieve this?

  1. Pre-tested and integrated solutions, as well as engineered systems to simplify your IT.   These also allow for fast and flexible deployments and lead to cost savings.
  2. You should have identity management, risk, security, compliance and other key technologies already integrated into the stack rather than just adding it on.
  3. Availability, serviceability and reliability should be achievable at any level.
  4. You should have a fast and responsive support and tech help that are available to you when you need it.
  5. Interconnected systems, no matter how complex, should be automated and simplified.
  6. You should have storage solutions that optimally allow you to integrate various software, have more efficient storage and allow you to save on storage costs. On top of that, you should have storage that is easy to deploy and reduces risks brought about by your operations.
  7. Management of all software, platforms, hardware and systems should be automated, easy and comprehensive.

All of these will give you the ability to be more flexible and responsive to your users’ needs.  And the best thing is that the Oracle Optimized Data Center can be used for both Oracle and third party technologies.

Forget about the risky, complex and problematic systems and software that you have in your data center.  Take a peek at the Oracle Optimized Data Center roadmap and step into the future with a stress-free and cost-effective data center.

If you are currently considering following the Oracle Optimized Data Center strategic roadmap, there is no reason not to call Four Cornerstone.

Four Cornerstone can provide you with a team of Oracle experts to help you get licensed Oracle technologies that you will need to fulfill the Oracle Optimized Data Center.  More than that, we can help you install, configure and deploy everything so that you can be up and running with your optimized data center in no time.   And with all the technologies you will have to hurdle, our team can also help your IT staff master these technologies, further allowing your business to maximize your IT investments.

Call Four Cornerstone today!

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