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Oracle Partners with Four Cornerstone for MySQL 5.6 Webinar

Oracle Delivers the Best MySQL Release Ever, the MySQL 5.6.

Oracle invests in MySQL 5.6 like never before and drives innovation!

MySQL Enterprise Edition includes the most comprehensive set of advanced features, management tools and technical support to achieve the highest levels of MySQL scalability, security, reliability, and uptime. It reduces the risk, cost, and complexity in developing, deploying, and managing business-critical MySQL applications.

Join the MySQL 5.6 webinar presented by Four Cornerstone …

Attend this live webinar with MySQL consulting experts to see the latest innovative features of MySQL.  During the webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Oracle’s MySQL Strategy
  • What’s New in MySQL 5.6
  • MySQL Enterprise Edition
  • MySQL Workbench
  • MySQL Enterprise Monitor and Premier Support

Join our webinar tailor made for IT leaders on September 25, 2013 at 11:00am CDT.

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Investment & Innovatioin: The Best MySQL Release Ever! MySQL 5.6 Features, Tools, and Support

Tony Darnell, Oracle
MySQL Principal Consultant
South-Atlantic USA

Hunter Herren
CEO & Founder
Four Cornerstone

September 25, 2013   11:00am CDT (12:00pm EST, 9:00am PST)

1 Hour

 Register Here – MySQL 5.6 Webinar


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