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Oracle Private Database Cloud: A more dependable cloud platform

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 Oracle private database cloud is one of the company's moves to expand its foothold in the cloud.

If you need to deliver database services more reliably, then a private database cloud is a great way to do just that.  Private database clouds allow you to consolidate your servers, database workloads and storage on the same software and hardware infrastructure.  You could also get database services as you need it. What’s more, the whole system is metered, scalable and runs on a self-service set up.  Because of these, a private database cloud gives you cost benefits, agility and high-service quality that you could not find in other solutions out there.

Oracle can give you a better private database cloud using software you might already have, such as:

  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • Exadata
  • Oracle Servers & Storage

More than that, you can also make use of Oracle’s Engineered Systems to run your software.

Oracle private database cloud is one of the company’s moves to expand its foothold in the cloud.  But how does it work?  Basically the same way as your own data center.

The benefits of Oracle’s private cloud offering

Oracle has always differentiated its products by pre-configuring the compute stack, plus you get the option of renting out engineered systems that are best suited to run Oracle’s software.

You do not have to contend with IT complexity.  Everything is very simple because a lot of the things you need to do is already configured.  Working with engineered systems, you get more resources for both scalability and performance, without having to increase your IT costs.  Further, Exalogic configuration is not only for big companies, but also for small and medium businesses.

Focus on consolidation

A private cloud system can help you become more agile and help you save on costs.  But in order to get on a private cloud, you should first consolidate your databases as a concrete first step.

So how does Oracle 12c help?

Oracle 12c offers you:

  1. Streamlined patching and provisioning.
  2. Simple management.
  3. Ease of consolidation.

Management of databases made simple

Oracle Database 12c allows you to reduce the number of separate and distinct databases to manage.  You could easily manage several databases as one.  What’s more, you could use Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Management Pack to help you manage not only your database but everything that has to do with the cloud.

Patching and provisioning are fast

With pluggable databases, you can unplug a pluggable database from a container database and then put it into another.  You can also easily clone a pluggable database into the same container or across two container databases.  Patching works the same way.  If you need to patch all your pluggable databases, you need to patch the container database.  But if you need to patch only one pluggable database, you only need to unplug that particular database before patching it.

Feeling lost?  Don’t be.  Remember that all you need to know is that you should have a private database cloud even if you have a small business and that Oracle Database 12c and a host of Oracle software can help you run these.  After that, all you need to do is call Four Cornerstone!

Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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