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Oracle Process Accelerators: Become more efficient, visible and agile when it comes to your common processes

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Process Accelerators provide pre-built best practices processes.

Oracle Process Accelerators allows you to organize and streamline the adoption of your processes that you get from Oracle BPM Suite 11g.  Not only that, but Oracle Process Accelerators can also help you work with other solutions from Oracle that facilitate process management.  Oracle Process Accelerators are actually prebuilt solutions that you can deploy immediately – as is.  It includes all the key application interfaces you need.  It can also be customized to meet your own needs.  This allows you to get the business processes you need in no time at all and allows you to save effort too.

Oracle Process Accelerators is very useful in managing business processes that are considered low priority such as document routing, travel requests and internal services requests.  These horizontal processes are used by all companies but are not that critical to invest your resources in.  Still, when not managed properly, these processes can cost you money, lower your productivity or hamper your agility.

With Oracle Process Accelerators, you simply deploy it as is.  This way you can focus on your high value processes rather than micromanage these non-critical ones.

Industry accelerators are another area where Oracle Process Accelerators is very useful.  Although these industry processes, such as financial services loan origination or public incident reporting, might be more complex than horizontal processes, you can still make use of Oracle Process Accelerators.  These accelerators incorporate the expert knowledge of Oracle subject matter experts as well as fellow customers that act as design partners for the company.  So you get the processes that your business needs for important industry tasks without spending too much time on it.

You get all the best practices built into your Oracle Process Accelerators.  But do not stop there.  Every business is different and you might have your own set of best practices that you can add to your Oracle Process Accelerators.  You do not have to discard your best practices, and Oracle Process Accelerators makes it easier for you to incorporate these into your business processes.  This ensures that you retain your competitive advantage, or your secret sauce, even if you are using industry standard software.

As a bonus, you also get both the industry and IT best practices included in these accelerators as well.  All of that out of the box and ready to deploy!

Why should you use Oracle Process Accelerators?

Oracle Process Accelerators help you become more efficient, more visible and more agile when it comes to your common processes.  It allows you to:

  • Build consensus.  IT and business users can align and exploit the benefits of process driven applications.  With Oracle Process Accelerators, you are actually working with prebuilt processes that are easy to understand, hence on top of delivering value out of the box, you can customize it to your needs.
  • Have faster ramp up for both IT and business.  Using Oracle Process Accelerators, you can better learn the best practices involved with BPM software and still deliver functional applications that are needed for operations.  Businesses on the other hand can see the embedded requirements and see how these can be expanded. You also cut the risk that you have when learning or using a new technology.

Impressed? Call Four Cornerstone today to find out more about deploying Oracle Process Accelerators!

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