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Oracle Real-Time Decisions: For a better and more successful business in 2014

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Technology is changing the way you run your business.  There are just a lot of new technologies coming out now that help you operate your business more efficiently and that give you an edge over your competition.  For instance, you now have mobile devices and the Web as a way to interact with your customers.  What this means is that you now have to work harder to get your customers to notice you, because these new technologies are accessible to everyone, including your competitors.

Customers nowadays have several ways to interact with businesses.  So you have to make sure that they have more or less the same experience with you as with the others no matter where they are. In 2014, use Oracle Real-Time Decisions. Oracle Real-Time Decisions can help you optimize business processes as they should be done today.

With the said system, you can use business rules, statistics, data mining and other analytical techniques to have better processes that are geared towards today’s customers and business environment.

You need to be able to learn from each transaction you have with a customer, and to make changes to your processes based on these transactions in real time.  So you need to have business processes that adjust themselves depending on the information they have.  Oracle Real-Time Decisions does that, using the rules you have defined as well as predictive models.  It also suggests the best course of action to take!

The best thing about Oracle Real-Time Decisions is that you could easily integrate it in your Web site, with your various points of sale, in your contact center or in just about any business channel you have.

What can you expect from Oracle Real-Time Decisions?

1. Sound decisions.  Oracle Real-Time Decisions takes your input and works with predictive models to help it come up with better decisions.  The self-learning predictive models and manually inputted business rules that it uses can be derived from real-time, transactional and / or historical data.  Not only does it give you the best decisions, but it can also provide these at the most crucial instances, even in real time.

2. Predictive analysis.  You can fully automate Oracle Real-Time Decisions so that it could build by itself the predictive models it relies on.  It learns from each transaction and updates itself automatically.

3. Takes your business goals into consideration.  With Oracle Real-Time Decisions, you can be sure that your business goals are taken into consideration.  Plus, it is very easy to modify goals using the Performance Goal editor.

4. Based on J2EE.  Oracle Real-Time Decisions is based on J2EE, making it compatible with your other applications and platforms.  You could plug Oracle Real-Time Decisions into any business process you might have.

The Components

To make use of Oracle Real-Time Decisions, you need to have the following:

–        a real-time server

–        self-learning models

–        an analytical tool

–        a rule engine

–        Web-based reports, and others

For more information on how to implement and deploy Oracle Real-Time Decisions and start future proofing your business processes in 2014, call Four Cornerstone today!  We can help you install, run, deploy and manage your Oracle Real-Time Decisions, as well as manage other software from Oracle.

Happy New Year! 🙂

Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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