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Oracle Service Cloud Now Has More Social Functionalities

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Oracle Service Cloud allows you to deliver the best experiences to your customers on the Web, at the contact center or on social networks.

Oracle Service Cloud has recently rolled out an update that gives users new tools that would help businesses get to know their customers.

The update gives user several new functionalities. For one, Oracle Service Cloud is now integrated with Oracle Social Cloud. Users can now interact better with their customers on different social networks. What’s more, social posts will now instantly escalated to the Service Cloud, helping businesses to respond faster to social media mentions and even help them identify issues early on.

Users who got the recent update can also see a visitor’s browser history. This way, when the visitor asks for assistance, the customer service staff could easily take a look at the pages that he or she has been, and what he or she has been doing on site. This helps the customer service staff learn more about the visitor and be able to give assistance quickly and without having to ask a lot of questions. This would eventually lead to decreased handling time.

Further, call centers using the Oracle Service Cloud can now automatically direct specific calls to the appropriate agent. This is because of a skills-based feature that would be able to match the type of assistance needed to the competencies of an agent. This way, technical support calls would go to a technical customer support staff, while product calls would go to a sales support staff. This would help the agents solve customer issues quickly, as well as increase customer satisfaction by getting better service.

The update also includes co-browsing now. What this means is that a customer could easily share their screens with the customer support agent he or she is talking to. The customer would not need to download and install any additional program.

What do all of these improvements mean? Oracle Service Cloud not only helps you serve your customers by tracking transactions, but it also helps you engage your customers. What’s more, it would seem that Oracle is prepping its Oracle Service Cloud to get into big data and analytics. In perhaps another update, Oracle Service Cloud could start giving analytics about all customer interactions and help businesses discover more insights about their customers.

Oracle Service Cloud allows you to deliver the best experiences to your customers on the Web, at the contact center or on social networks. Better engagement and top-notch customer service helps you gain trust and build better relationships with your customers, reduce effort and cost, increase sales and several other benefits. And because you are working with Oracle, you get range of other solutions such as human resources, safe force automation, databases and social networking all from one source.

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