Oracle SOA Suite Components: Business Events and Event Delivery Network

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 With the Event Delivery Network featured in Oracle SOA 11g, you can now allow your applications to create an event using business terms.

Automated Business Events

When you have a service-oriented architecture, you would need something to create business events without worrying about how messaging for these events would be handled.  This is exactly where Oracle SOA Suite excels.

You can create business events for those situations or instances that are of importance to your business.  These business events would be messages that are sent upon the occurrence of a situation.  For example, a customer enters an order, which order will be considered a completed event when it has been received and has been processed.  All other platforms will be able to listen to business events like this and then:

  • Tell your fulfillment centers that an order has been received.
  • Use the event to get dashboard data or business intelligence.
  • Send the information to Oracle BAM (Business Activity Monitoring).
  • Start another business event or process.

Business events may sound like direct service invocations, except that they are one-way in the sense that they do not need the service component to receive the message in order to complete.  In fact, it does not matter if the service components do not receive the message much less who gets the information and what they do with it.  Applications fire and forget about business events.  What this means is that the application sending the message no longer needs to know what the receiving application would do about the business event.

A business event is created using a schema called event definition language, which consists of a global name, custom headers and payload definition.

No For Complex Messaging APIs

With the Event Delivery Network featured in Oracle SOA 11g, you can now allow your applications to create an event using business terms no matter what implementation is being used.  The Event Delivery Network is declarative, meaning that you can publish or subscribe to business events without having to learn JMS, AQ, MQ or other messaging APIs.

Furthermore, using Event Delivery Network allows you to publish these events as well as to subscribe to them in Java, SOA Composites, PL/SQL and other programming platforms

Other things that you should know about business events and Event Delivery Network:

  • Business events definitions and other composite artifacts are all stored within the Oracle Metadata Repository before they are published on the Event Deliver Network.
  • When creating business event definitions, you can define events using an Event Definition Language using JDeveloper.
  • Subscribing.  You can subscribe to and publish any business event using Mediator.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of processes involved with Business Events and the Event Delivery Network.  If you need help, call Four Cornerstone at 1 (817) 377-1144.  Our team of Oracle experts not only has extensive experience with Oracle products, but they understand your business as well, having worked with several companies coming from a range of industries.  Nobody has a better set of experience and business understanding more than Four Cornerstone. We can help you set up your business events on Event Delivery Network.  On top of that, we can help you jumpstart your SOA efforts.  Contact us now!

Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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