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Oracle SOA Suite Components (Oracle Adapters): Connect your external systems to the Oracle SOA Suite

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 Oracle Adapters also make use of the Service Component Architecture (SCA) model. 

When using the Oracle SOA Suite, you can connect it to other systems using the Oracle Adapters.  This helps you extend the functionality of your Oracle SOA Suit and allows you to optimize your investments.  You can integrate your own applications to Oracle SOA, because Oracle Adapters give you an integration framework that is robust, highly scalable and standards-based.  So even disparate applications can easily and seamlessly communicate and work with one another.

Oracle Adapters can help you use middleware messaging software such as Oracle Advance Queuing with Oracle SOA, as well as other applications like enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and databases.

It supports the standards.  These adapters are based on J2EE Connector Architecture, or JCA.  JCA is a technology that is Java-based and is used for connecting your information systems and application servers.  It is similar to JDBC, which connects databases and Java EE applications, only that JCA is more generic and geared towards legacy systems.  So that means that you can still use the applications that you have written in the past with your Oracle SOA Suite.  It also supports Web Service Definition Language and Extensible Markup Language.  This way, your programmers will only be using XML, WSDL or JCA – programming languages that they already know.

You can even use these adapters to come up with loose coupling, extensibility and flexibility for your SOAs.

Oracle SOA Suite has several Oracle Adapters for you to use, including FTP, BAM, Advanced Queuing, Files, Java Messaging Service and Message Queuing Series.  These are for integrating with transport protocols, messaging middleware and data stores.

Oracle Adapters also make use of native APIs so that they could communicate with back end applications and transform native data to XML.  On top of that, Oracle Adapters give you bidirectional communication with your back-end systems.  They are able to send and receive requests from and to backend systems.  With this, you can get real time alerts and notifications about the events that happen to your back-end, such as during the creation, update and deletion of backend data.

Oracle Adapters also make use of the Service Component Architecture (SCA) model.  This way, you can represent your business logic as service components that are reusable, and as such, easily used in other SCA application. In short, the SCA assembly model gives rise to SOA composite applications.

While Oracle Adapters make use of graphical user interfaces that allow you to easily configure and manage these adapters, you might want to get the experts to do this.  And Four Cornerstone is the team to call.  We have Oracle certified experts who have years of experience working with Oracle Adapters and other software and products from Oracle.  This means that deploying and implementing your Oracle Adapters would be easier, faster and efficient.  Four Cornerstone guarantees that everything will be just right.

If you need more information about Oracle Adapters, Oracle SOA Suite and other Oracle products, call Four Cornerstone at 1 (817) 377-1144. We can help you from licensing to deployment and even right down to training your staff on how to optimally use your Oracle investments!

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