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Oracle SOA Suite: Create, deploy and manage service-oriented architectures with ease

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 Oracle SOA Suite also allows you to be proactive by enabling you to see what's happening to your business in real time.

As businesses grow, so does the number of applications and systems they need to manage and keep track of.  This is where service-oriented architecture or SOA comes in.  SOA is very useful in standardization and reusability.  With SOA, businesses can reuse legacy systems, so instead of spending for new technology, they can just use what they already have.  SOA also allows businesses to integrate various components of their systems.  What this means is that you can make your billing, sales, finance, data warehousing and CRM systems all work together.

Now that you understand what SOA means, you can appreciate its importance in your organization.

Enter Oracle SOA Suite

The Oracle SOA Suite allows you to create, deploy and manage service-oriented architectures with hot-pluggable components such as:

  • Oracle BPEL Process Manager
  • Oracle Web Services Manager
  • Oracle Business Rules
  • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
  • Oracle Enterprise Service Bus
  • Oracle JDeveloper


The Suite includes the BPEL Process Manager that helps you create services, which you can use in your business processes.

Other components also allow you to:

  • Get real-time views of the performance and operation of your business services and processes;
  • Automate your business policies;
  • Route messages and integrate applications using a multi-protocol ESB or Enterprise Service Bus;
  • Enforce authentication and policies on business services;
  • Discover services and applications while also helping you manage the same throughout their life cycle;
  • Develop, profile, deploy and debug using an ISE or Integrated Service Environment.

In short, Oracle SOA Suite is comprehensive and complete, allowing you to easily manage your SOA from service-oriented application development, integration of various IT systems and applications, right down to business process management.

Also, take note that all of these components are hot pluggable, meaning you can use them without having to power off your systems.


What do all these mean for you and your business?  For one, you get to save the money that you would have otherwise spent in getting new software or hardware, in integrating your current systems, and on redevelopment costs.  The Oracle SOA Suite is compatible with open standards, so you do not need to go through point-to-point integrations.  You can reuse your IT assets and even lower your maintenance cost.

Oracle SOA Suite also allows you to be proactive by enabling you to see what’s happening to your business in real time.  This will enable you to anticipate changes and allow you to respond to it in a timely manner. The Suite simplifies your IT environment by centralizing all your deployment, provisioning, monitoring and management on a single infrastructure.

Lastly, you can use your existing IT investments because of their being open, extensible and modular.  What’s more, you can plug them into a heterogeneous IT environment.

The Four Cornerstone Advantage

Hundreds of businesses trust Four Cornerstone for all their Oracle needs.  Oracle SOA Suite is just one of our many specialties and expertise.  If you need help in deploying this complete suite of tools for your SOAs, call us.  Oracle SOA Suite has everything you need from your SOA, including business rules, security, governance and business activity tracking and monitoring.  Four Cornerstone is all you need to help you reap these benefits!

Four Cornerstone is a top IT consulting company based in Fort Worth, Texas.  We can give you a team of experts with proven expertise and experience to help you roll out Oracle SOA Suite for your business. Contact us now!

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