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Oracle’s Software Investment Guide

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Oracle has hundreds of different software and product offerings, making it very likely that every business nowadays is using Oracle.


Not only that, technology has been constantly evolving.  First it was the Internet and, now, virtualization and the cloud.  Oracle has products and software that would help you solve any IT issue, from middleware to servers to applications to storage.  All of these add to the complexity of pricing and licensing.

It would be very calm for Oracle to hide its pricing behind smokes and mirrors, making it very easy for a business to spend more than what they need in terms of licensing!

But Oracle took the high road and talked to its customers, business partners and industry analysts in an effort to give its clients a flexible, simple and transparent pricing and licensing scheme.  Thus, the company’s Software Investment Guide was born.

What is the Software Investment Guide?

Now, what exactly is Oracle’s Software Investment Guide?  It is a global pricing effort from Oracle to make it easier for businesses to gauge just how much they need to spend for their software.   It has comprehensive guidelines on how to license Oracle software for your use.

More than just licensing policies, pre-requisite rules and knowing what environments to license, the Software Investment Guide can also help you know what software to license and the number of licenses you would need in these cases:

  • having multiple environments using one server
  • remote mirroring
  • standby systems
  • failover
  • backup systems

So what happens is that Oracle is helping their customers make informed choices on software purchases, both now and in the future.  Oracle understands that this is vital so that you could effectively manage your IT costs.

What could the Software Investment Guide do?

The Software Investment Guide, for instance, can help clarify questions as to whether you need to license a whole system or just a single partition, or whether or not you need to license a standby system.  This will help you know for sure how the company implements user based licensing vs. processor based licensing.  The guide can further walk you through on licensing and prices of any of Oracle’s products.

Admittedly, however, the company’s Software Investment Guide can be a little long to go through.  As a business owner, enterprise manager or a C-suite executive, you might not have the time to go through a lengthy document just to decide on a piece of software.  Or you might not even understand it.

Four Cornerstone to the rescue!

Trust Four Cornerstone to help you with your Oracle licensing needs.  We have a team of Oracle experts who can help you every step of the way, recommending what software you need and what level of licensing you would have to pay for. We offer a very comprehensive Oracle software licensing service.

Four Cornerstone is just a call away! We can be your license consultants to help you understand your license position, consolidate your licensing requirements and even help you plan your IT investments so that you get everything you need and not pay for something you do not require.

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