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Oracle Solaris 101: Get to know more about Oracle Solaris

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 Oracle Solaris is the center of attention when it comes to the company's Engineered Systems.

Oracle Solaris was originally developed by Sun Microsystems.  It is a Unix OS that replaced SunOS in 1993.  When Oracle bought out Sun Microsystems in 2010, Solaris became known as Oracle Solaris.

The latest version is known as Oracle Solaris 11.  It is being touted as the first cloud OS, retaining the security, scalability and reliability that Solaris is known for.  But now, Solaris can help you have virtualization technologies out of the box, manage large amounts of data and a more secure cloud environment.

Another thing about Oracle Solaris is that it is engineered to work perfectly with Oracle Middleware, Database, and applications.

Features and Benefits of Oracle Solaris 11

So what are the advantages of using Oracle Solaris 11?

  • It is the first operating system in the market to allow for smart and quick provisioning, set up and maintenance for storage, server and network virtualization.
  • The virtualization solutions come built-in, which means you have the lowest latency and overhead solution in the market.
  • Data management is scalable. Oracle Solaris 11 uses Oracle ZFS as its default file system.  This means that you can get cutting edge storage features such as thin provisioning, encryption and deduplication.
  • More secure.  Oracle Solaris comes with integrated security.  You get the latest security standards, integrated security for clients, applications, devices and users, as well as simplified management and administration.

If you use a lot of Oracle products, you would be delighted to know that Oracle Solaris is the best OS for Oracle software and products.  With Solaris, you can get the best performance and efficiency from your Oracle software.  It uses less memory while also giving you better performance for your application.  You can also resize your Database System Global Area while online.  What’s more, Oracle Solaris is the center of attention when it comes to the company’s Engineered Systems: ZFS Storage Appliance, exalogic and exadata elastic cloud, and SPARC super cluster.  This leads to quicker deployments and lower costs.

Get Access to Enterprise Applications

If you have a need for a particular application, you might find help on the Oracle Partner Network.  There are already thousands of applications that are available for Solaris, so it would not be surprising that you might find what you need there.  If you do not, then there are always the tools included in the Oracle Solaris Studio where you could easily create and tune applications for the OS!

Set Up Oracle Solaris Today without the Headaches

Four Cornerstone can help you install, deploy and manage Oracle Solaris 11 for your business.

If you want to enjoy these awesome benefits, then all you have to do is call Four Cornerstone.  We can deploy a team of Oracle experts to work on your Oracle Solaris, as well as deploying other Oracle products.

We also give out Oracle Solaris 11 training and support.  What you get is top-notch training that is comparable to certification and training programs you get from Oracle University.  You also get round the clock, 24/7 support for all your Oracle installations!

Call us today!

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