Oracle Q4 End is Near, Buy Now & Save Big

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Oracle Q4 End is Near, Buy Now & Save Big

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If you are like other Oracle customers, you are probably in the heat of negotiations for new deals and better prices now.  The timing is important because Oracle’s fiscal year ends on May 31. That means that the Oracle sales and management teams are in a rush to grow their numbers so that Oracle can finish the fiscal year strong and provide a positive earnings forecast.

There are numerous ways for an organization to leverage the timing of Oracle Q4. First, it is best to compile a list of any and all Oracle technology requirements together before starting to negotiate with Oracle Corporation.  The cost savings associated with bundling the current or future requirements together is worth it!  It is important to consider the Oracle maintenance and support costs associated with the software or hardware purchase. In addition, it is important to simply ask for aggressive pricing up front. If there are any additional requests you have, it is best to include them at the beginning of the Oracle negotiations. It is also helpful to be aware of the competitive pricing in the marketplace. And last of all, you could visit with Four Cornerstone today.

As an Oracle Gold Business Partner and services’ firm, Four Cornerstone is able to provide consultative support when it comes to purchasing these technologies. The firm has been one of the preferred Oracle resellers in the channel since 2004. Not only can you be sure that you are properly and adequately licensed from day one, Four Cornerstone can also help you obtain the best possible pricing and deal terms for all of your Oracle needs.

However, timing your negotiations to coincide with the company’s fiscal year end can help you get a better deal, too.  Case in point, in Oracle’s third quarter 2013 earnings, the company said that because of the poor performance of its sales force, its earnings took a dip.  New sales personnel were largely to blame for the 2 percent decrease that Oracle experienced in new software sales and Internet subscriptions.  Its $2.3 billion worth of subscriptions were not enough to keep up with Wall Street’s and its very own expectations.  The company was also affected by intense competition from Internet-based software providers and cloud service providers such as SAP and IBM.

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As a result of its lackluster performance, Oracle’s shares dove 8 percent lower the day after its earnings releases.

On the other hand, a better-than-expected performance for the second quarter of fiscal year 2014 saw the stock rise by as much as 3.18% after the performance was announced.  Admittedly, the company has learned from the dismal earnings results of the past and is now bolstered by cloud offerings.

At present, as the end of the fiscal fourth quarter nears on May 31, the company’s sales and management people might be in a better position to provide better pricing and overall terms.

Still confused as to how to get the best deals on Oracle technologies?  Contact Four Cornerstone now! We can help you assess your environment and requirements, as well as help you get the best deals on Oracle technologies.

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