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Oracle Stack: Giving you complete hardware and software in one setup

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Oracle gives you the complete hardware and software stack. You get applications, middleware, database, operating system, virtual machine, servers and storage.

Many people would ask what is the big deal with Oracle offering the complete technology stack.  Well, read on and find out.

Oracle gives you the complete hardware and software stack.  You get applications, middleware, database, operating system, virtual machine, servers and storage.  Maybe it would be easier to understand if you see the Oracle stack as an orchestra.  Each component of the stack would represent a musical instrument.  Each would have its own function and each one has its own sound.  But when you work with Oracle, your orchestra has the best musicians playing.

That means that you are working with the best of breed applications, middleware, etc.

If you are worried about vendor lock in, do not be.  You can easily use another product or software from another provider.  Why?  Because the Oracle stack is built using open standards, such as SOA Web services, Xen and Java.  You could easily swap out and use other software and products from other providers.

But why would you be worried about lock in when you are working with one of the best software companies in the world and giving you the best components in the stack.  Besides, if you think about it, you get better compatibility when you get the entire Oracle stack.  Why?  Because these individual components are developed by the same developer.  As such, the entire stack is vertically integrated, and is designed and optimized to work together.  What’s more, it is tested together so you can be sure that it is certified to work collectively.  Down the line, you would love that you could upgrade these components together.  And lastly, you have one point of support for all the components of your technology stack.

That means your applications would be able to integrate with your database, and your servers would easily work with your operating system.  All that done seamlessly and with the least amount of effort on your part.  You get the most out of the entire stack without having to work for it, because Oracle has taken care of everything.

What all of these translates to is extreme performance without having to spend money or time in integrating each component with one another.  Going back to the orchestra comparison, this means that you can just go to the music hall and sit back while you enjoy the music, no more composing a song for the orchestra to perform.

The simplicity of the Oracle stack also lends itself to the flexibility in deployment.  You can deploy the entire stack at your office or factory or you could choose to have it on a public, private or hybrid cloud.

The thing is, when you simplify IT, such as getting the complete Oracle stack, you can spur innovations and in today’s age, innovation is what drives your success.

If you want to experience the benefits of getting a simple yet complete technology stack from Oracle, then you simply must call Four Cornerstone.  We have a team of Oracle certified experts who can help you deploy the best Oracle products and software that your business needs.

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