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Oracle Taleo Solutions and the West Africa Ebola Crisis

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Oracle Taleo could help small businesses become more efficient.

In matters of life and death, you need to be fast and on your feet. When the Ebola virus broke out in West Africa, Partners in Health needed to be able to mobilize thousands of their health care workers to the region. They wanted to reduce the amount of paperwork needed so that nurses and doctors could quickly be deployed. And this is the reason why Partners in Health used Oracle Taleo in order to make onboarding even simpler and faster.

Partners in Health was already using Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service, but they were not using the Oracle Taleo Onboarding Cloud Service. The service helps new hires to complete their paperwork quickly and start working even on their first day on the job. Before implementing the solution, PIH would spend time in recruiting and then in following up the necessary documents from their new hires. That would usually take a long time and a new hire usually took more than a week to get ready for work.

With Oracle Taleo Onboarding Cloud Service, the company was able to drastically lessen the time needed to onboard the new hire. In fact, they were able send all the required documents to the new hire in less than ten minutes.

On top of that, the new hires also received a welcome e-mail that included all the links they needed to visit in order to complete their documentary requirements. It also details the many processes they have to undergo, rather than get everything in a document worth hundreds of pages. The new hires were able to complete and submit everything online in the company’s streamlined process. In short, it gave the new employee a better onboarding experience.

Fast implementation

PIH was able to have the Oracle Taleo Onboarding Cloud Service implemented in just ten hours, after around a month of planning. And what’s more, the solution is ideal not just for big corporations, but also for small businesses and medium-sized enterprises.

One of the key benefits to all the companies that implement it is that efficiency is greatly improved. Especially for smaller companies that have a small HR team. Oracle Taleo can help HR departments automate tasks that are repeatable, freeing up the people for more pressing tasks.

And if Oracle Taleo could help small businesses become more efficient, then it should be very useful in a life and death situation such as the recent Ebola outbreak. That is how flexible it is!

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