Oracle Technology Hosting 101: What is it all about?

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 You can use Oracle technology to create your own applications and sell these to users.

There are just too many changes to and in the IT world in the last few years.  These changes have given rise to a lot of situations that the world of information technology has never encountered before.

Right now, businesses want to be more efficient, to save costs, and to get benefits from using a third-party company to provide IT services for them.  It is not unheard of that a company would outsource its database to an enterprise that has the needed expertise and infrastructure to come up with a reliable and high-performing database.  The same is true for networking and hardware.

Some companies provide Web hosting services.  Still others sell applications to their customers.

Different people call them by different names. There is hosting service providers, application service providers, hosting companies, outsourcing providers or managed services providers.  It would all depend on what they do and what they give their customers.  To have a blanket or umbrella term, let’s call these third-party companies as service bureaus.

Oracle’s technology hosting license is a necessity for hosting companies, or those that provide service bureaus functionalities.  It is also a must for hosting companies and other third-party relationships.  It allows for every instance that Oracle gives a user or a company the right to use licenses to manage or host any Oracle software or program.

The standard Oracle license

The usual Oracle license allows you to use your Oracle software for internal operations only.  You cannot lend out your license for the use of another company’s business operations.  If you let another company use your license, Oracle will deem it as a hosting activity.  Remember that you would need to add hosting language to the standard license in order to be adequately licensed.

Proprietary applications

When you have your own applications that you let different end users utilize, use those with an Oracle program embedded in them.  You can use Oracle technology to create your own applications and sell these to users, and you can host this application using the Proprietary Application Hosting model.

TAKE NOTE: If you did not create the application on your own, you cannot host it on an Oracle special license.  You also could not use a hosting license if there is only one user to your application, even if it is proprietary.  This is because the Oracle technology hosting license is good for one for many applications.

If you provide hosting or other services and applications to your customers and you use Oracle technology, then you must be sure that you are adequately covered by your license.  To be sure, consult with Four Cornerstone today!

Having a hard time with Oracle Technology Hosting? Four Cornerstone can help!

Four Cornerstone is an Oracle Preferred Business Partner and one of the leading resellers for its products.  We have a team of Oracle experts that can guide you through the somewhat complicated terrain of Oracle software licensing.  Each business is unique and your IT needs may differ from your competitors.  We are here to make sure that you have all the licenses you need without over paying for licenses you do not get to use.  Let us help you save money while also being compliant.  Call Four Cornerstone today!

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