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Why is Oracle Training and Certification Important for IT Professionals?

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 82% said that they earned more now that they have undergone Oracle training and certification.

IT professionals need Oracle training and certification.  Oracle products are used by more than 400,000 companies worldwide, so simply proving that you have the skills to use Oracle software opens a world of opportunities for you.  Oracle training and certification can help you prove that you have a solid understanding not just of Oracle software and its products but also of the job.

Oracle certification is very credible.  It is recognized by the world’s top businesses and the IT industry as a whole.  But that is not all you get from undergoing Oracle training and certification.

What else?

Get a higher salary

According to the 2009 CertMag Salary Survey, getting a certification meant an increase in salary for IT professionals, with 82% of the respondents saying that they got a raise of up to 20% after getting their most recent certification.  Not bad considering that, back then, the economy was in a downturn.

High demand for skills

However, salary is not the only reason why IT professionals should get certified.  Around 85% of the respondents said that there was a higher demand for their skills after they got certified.  Around the same number also said that they saw an improvement with their problem solving skills and productivity after they were certified.

While this is true for all IT professionals, it is especially true with Oracle.  For example, Certification Magazine found that Oracle Certified Professionals earned a higher salary than other database administrators or developers.

Become qualified for that job

Not only does an Oracle certification make you more attractive to employers, it can also qualify you for particular jobs that you would like to take or try out for.  Because, yes, there are some job openings where being a certified Oracle professional is one of the requirements.  Are you ready to lose out on an incredible job opportunity just because you did not take the time to get certified?

Increase your knowledge

But more than just having a piece of paper to back you up when you say that you are an Oracle expert, you would also be learning a lot when you prepare for certification and undergo training.  What does this mean?  You get more expertise, skills and knowledge on how to use Oracle products in real life situations.  This makes you better than your colleagues and primes you up for that hard earned promotion.

Become an Oracle Partner

Getting certified can also help you fulfill the requirements to become a company member of the Oracle Partner Network. Take it from current Oracle Certified Professionals.

But how are all these working out in the real world?  Why not hear it straight from the horse’s mouth?

In 2008, Oracle surveyed 3,000 Oracle Certified Professionals and they found that around 9 out of 10 OCPs say that:

  • Being an OCP increased their productivity on the job.
  • They are able to give a higher level of service to their customers because of their OCP training and certification.
  • They are able to manage complex projects and issues.
  • OCP improved their professional credibility.
  • OCP improved their job prospects.

What’s more, 82% said that they earned more now that they have undergone Oracle training and certification.

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Photo courtesy of Oracle University.

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