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Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder: Put your apps and database to the cloud with ease

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Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder can give you a fast way to get onto the cloud and reap the benefits of being cloud-ready.
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Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder allows you to configure and deploy your applications on cloud and virtualized platforms.  Even your multi-tier business apps, such as your application server, database and Web server, are easily placed on the cloud because these are packaged into single-purpose and self-contained VMs.  You’ll be able to get an existing software and then package them into an appliance, which will then be “assembled” onto the new environment.  So if you need to put your database onto the cloud, you should use Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder to make it all simple, without the need for too many manual steps!

How it works

The cloud is now attracting a lot of followers, and now companies are migrating their systems to the cloud.  If you are one of these companies, then you would know that to transfer your systems to the cloud takes a lot of time and a lot of work – from installation, configuration, to deployment of operating system, middleware, applications, database and whatever else you need to transfer.

Not only do these take a lot of time and effort, but it is also not ideal for virtualized environments.  For that, you need Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder.

With Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder, you can pre-configure your applications by turning them into software appliances.  These software appliances may be further customized to conform to your new platform’s requirements.  The appliances act like building blocks that may be combined to create what we would call as “blueprints”.  These blueprints are able to handle even the most complex application environments.  You can then use these to run on virtualized servers, with every machine in the system all configured and able to communicate with each other.

Benefits of using Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder

Using Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder comes with many benefits.  For one, you get to easily and quickly transfer or copy your physical applications onto virtualized or cloud environments.   The software uses standardized building blocks so that you do not have to contend with too many errors.

What’s more, you will be working with practically an automated process with a few manual steps.  So from startup to configuration, you are free to do something else.

You can forget about the stress and the headaches of working in and configuring applications on virtual environments because your applications are deployed fully configured.  In fact, these are configured the same way that you configure it on your physical environments.

Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder can give you a fast way to get onto the cloud and reap the benefits of being cloud-ready.  No need to pull your hair.  If you need to learn how to use Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder and maximize your Oracle investments, contact Four Cornerstone.  Four Cornerstone is an Oracle Preferred Business Partner.  We have a team of experts who can provide customized Oracle training for you and your IT team.  Not only that, we can also help you with anything from Oracle Licensing to Oracle Consulting!

Call Four Cornerstone today at +1 (817) 377-1144.

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