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Oracle VM: Up to 10 times faster virtualization at a business-friendly price

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With Oracle VM, your business will enjoy huge savings because there is no license fee to pay for.

Virtualization used to be just about simple consolidation. However, IT needs evolve rapidly, and traditional virtualization offerings cannot cope with the changes and new requirements. The old-fashioned virtualization does not have the capability to provide the speed required to provision an application, nor can it satisfy new business demands at a faster pace.

Then comes an application-driven virtualization solution that can deliver the value, which many organizations look for – the Oracle VM. This offering from industry leader Oracle goes beyond simple consolidation. Its unique features and benefits are not available anywhere else, bringing value to its many customers worldwide.

Oracle VM has the robustness of the Oracle brand, with an architecture tightly integrated into the product, including Oracle Linux. It is a virtualization solution that answers all the organization’s pains in looking for better ways to reduce costs and accelerate application deployment and management.

Top benefits you can get from Oracle VM

  1. Rapidly deploy and manage business-critical applications and services to virtualized or cloud environments.

Oracle VM speeds up application deployment by using Templates. You save countless hours from your virtual machine pre-configurations and Oracle software pre-installations. This virtualization solution delivers efficiency in deploying and managing software and solutions that power data centers. It also simplifies lifecycle management.

  1. The integrated technology allows you to grow and scale your business.

Oracle VM is designed to virtualize business-critical database as well as application workloads, covering both custom-built and packaged applications. It has the capability to support up to 128 Virtual CPUs per guest VM compared to other offerings, such as VMware vSphere 5.0 (which can only handle up to 32 Virtual CPUs per guest VM).

In addition, Oracle VM 3 is a scalable offering that can accommodate large enterprise application workloads with better efficiency and low overhead.

  1. Reduced cost, more savings.

With Oracle VM, your business will enjoy huge savings because there is no license fee to pay for. The affordable enterprise-quality support also brings additional savings to your company. Take a look at the graph below to see how much you can save with Oracle VM when compared to VMware vSphere 5 (Standard and Enterprise editions). Click image to enlarge.

Oracle VM Cost

While you face the challenges of a rapidly expanding data center, Oracle VM is here to offer a complete virtualization and management solution. Keeping in mind that using an application-driven virtualization solution can transform the way you deploy and manage your applications, you will be more efficient and always up to speed. And you get all these benefits at a lower cost. In summary, it increases your IT efficiency and business agility while reducing expenditures. What more can you ask for?

If you are looking for better ways to integrate, deploy, and manage systems at a faster pace without tightening your budget further, contact Four Cornerstone now. Benefit from the industry’s most complete and integrated virtualization solution. Our Oracle Consulting in Dallas will explain how Oracle VM will help your organization in virtualizing and managing your full hardware and software stack.

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