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Oracle VM 3 and its Application-Driven Virtualization

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Oracle VM 3 delivers yet another benefit: it is the only virtualization solution out there that is architected for Oracle.
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It is no secret that virtualization has been growing over the years.  Gartner estimated that there were close to 11 million servers around the world employing some kind of virtualization in the middle of 2011.

A part of this growth is due to the fact that virtualization proves to be very effective in helping enterprises optimize the use of their assets, cut down management and implementation time, simplify things, and reduce costs in relation to their operations software or infrastructure.

Oracle VM 3, with its application-driven virtualization, is changing the way businesses are deploying their applications.  Be it third-party applications, customized applications, middleware or databases.

What is application-driven virtualization?

Traditionally, virtualization was involved only in optimizing resources, using it to consolidate systems, and also in reducing the need to buy new hardware and software, thereby cutting down on capital expenditure.  Application-driven virtualization is a way to provide complete application stacks, making it easier to install and maintain applications that are critical to the business.  This provisioning is done rapidly and automatically.  Application-driven virtualization could also include the process of managing the virtual machines, along with the applications running within these machines.

Oracle VM 3 is the latest server virtualization software from Oracle.  In a nutshell, Oracle VM 3 helps you improve application deployment, use and management.  In the company’s tests done in real world datacenters, the software showed that it was able to reduce support and operation costs, and increase IT agility and efficiency at the same time. Source here.

Why use Oracle VM 3?

There are five main reasons why you should consider Oracle VM 3.

  1. Oracle VM 3 is perfect for all workloads that you have in your data center.
  2. Oracle VM 3 helps you deploy your software quickly, in a way that is both error-free and repeatable.  You can also take advantage of more than 100 Oracle VM Templates that you can use with our middleware, databases and applications.
  3. Storage management and logical network management and configuration are centralized in one place, making your administrator’s job easier. This is done by automating VM provisioning, while also cutting on costs and simplifying the IT processes.
  4. Oracle VM 3 is a free offering from Oracle.  No more worries about license costs.  You can avail of affordable support fees, and unlimited use of vRAM.  What all these means is that you get to save more with your virtual infrastructure.
  5. Oracle VM 3 is the most scalable x86 virtualization solution out there.  It is four times more scalable than VMware’s latest version as it gives you up to 128 virtual CPUs.

Also, if you have substantial investments in Oracle software, Oracle VM 3 delivers yet another benefit: it is the only virtualization solution out there that is architected for Oracle.  That means that it has been optimized, tested and integrated with other Oracle software and products.  It is also certified for use for all Oracle software.

Want to know more about Oracle VM 3 and application-driven virtualization?  Call Four Cornerstone at 817-377-1144 and gain a team of Oracle experts who can help you with all your concerns regarding Oracle VM 3.

Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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