The Oracle VM Advantage

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Oracle relies on Oracle VM and other Oracle systems for its day to day operations.

If you are looking for server virtualization solutions, then look no further than Oracle VM.

With Oracle VM, you get the full range of benefits of using virtualization technology.  You get to easily deploy application software and operating systems within your virtualized environments.  You get Oracle VM Manager, which allows you to work with and manage your Oracle VM servers, virtual resources and virtual machines.  Oracle VM Manager also comes with Application Development Framework, which allows you to use a web-based GUI or graphical user interface, and a CLI or command line interface.  Oracle VM Manager runs on Oracle Linux and you would be working with Oracle VM Server, which is a managed virtualization platform that is secure and lightweight.  The Oracle VM Server runs your virtual machines and contains the Oracle VM Agent.

With Oracle VM, you can be sure that all applications, middleware, database, virtual machines, operating system, servers, networking and storage are integrated.  What this means is that you can virtualize up to ten times faster than virtualizing your applications using VMware.  You can also scale and deploy your virtual machines easily.  You also get better performance and better end-to-end management options.

What’s more, Oracle VM needs no licenses.  You get to save on your Oracle VM and maintain the total cost of ownership. Enterprise level support, on the other hand, is available at very low costs.

It is also twice as scalable as VMware.  You get to use up to 128 virtual CPUs and one terabyte of memory for each of your virtual machines.  VMware only allows you to get 64 virtual CPUS.

And since we are comparing Oracle VM and VMware, you should know that it is generally more affordable to deploy Oracle VM than VMWare vSphere.  It is not just the license cost that gives Oracle VM the edge, although it is very sizable.  If you only need 250 2-socket servers, you would be paying close to $6,000 dollars per server with VMware vSphere, compare that to spending nothing on Oracle VM.  Oracle support is also cheaper at less than $600 per server per year.  VMware wants you to pay more than $700 per socket per server per year.  That’s more than $1,400 per server per year. That’s 130% more!  And that is just for virtualization costs.

Add in the management costs, you will need to pay close to $5,000 for licensing VMware vCenter Server Standard, and you need to pay another $1,249 per year for support on that.  For Oracle VM, you do not pay anything.

Oracle VM is also certified by Oracle.  So much so that even Oracle relies on Oracle VM and other Oracle systems for its day to day operations.

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Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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