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Oracle VM Guest Additions: Assimilate guest software and virtualization layer directly with ease

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Oracle VM Additions allows you to query your virtual machine in order to get information that is related to past messages.

Oracle VM Templates gives you pre-configured and pre-installed software images so that you could easily deploy a fully set software stack easily and quickly.  You do not have to worry about the actual installation and you get to save on costs associated with configuring your system.  You can also cut down on costs related to ongoing maintenance.  You can download Oracle VM Templates from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud and access the templates via Oracle VM Manager.  You can then deploy the template as a virtual machine so that you could utilize the pre-configured software.

Starting with Oracle VM 3, you can use Oracle VM Guest Additions to ensure that guest software can pass information to and from your virtual machine and Oracle VM Manager.  What this does is give you direct integration between the virtualization layer and your guest software.  This way, you can easily manage, maintain and run a complex environment with several VM deployments.

The Oracle VM Guest Additions includes packages that you can install on the guest operating system of your virtual machines under Oracle VM.  The Additions gives you tools to let your Oracle VM Manager to communicate and receive messages from the guest operating system on your virtual machines.  This way, administrators have control over even the minutest configuration and components of your virtual machine.

Oracle VM Additions features

Oracle VM Additions gives you better information about your virtual machines that are managed by Oracle VM Manager, including IP addressing reporting.

Now you can send messages to a virtual machine from OVM Manager to your virtual machines to launch programmed events.  You can send and receive messages directly on the user interface of your Oracle VM Manager.  Or you can also do that using the Oracle VM Utilities or ovm_vmmessage, or the Oracle vM Command Line Interface or CLI. You can also use template configuration feature to organize your virtual machines automatically as they are first run.

Furthermore, Oracle VM Additions allows you to query your virtual machine in order to get information that is related to past messages.

Using these tools, you can send messages to and from an application to a virtual machine, by creating a daemon process that queries and runs for value.  You can also do this manually.

Aside from Oracle VM Manager, you would also need to have Oracle Linux 5 or Oracle Linux 6.

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If you want to learn more about Oracle VM Guest Additions, you can read our source here.

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