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Oracle VM and the Private Cloud: A match made in tech heaven

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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is fully integrated with Oracle VM Manager.

Private clouds are used when businesses and companies turn away from cloud service providers and try to do things on their own.  The beauty of private clouds is that you stand to gain the benefits of cloud computing such as scalability, agility, and metering without actually giving up control and without worrying about your data’s security and the budget for recurring costs from a service provider.

However, you would still need to take care of a lot of things when you have a private cloud and enterprise applications.  You need to be on top of storage, servers, virtual machines, databases, operating system, applications and middleware.  And you have to be on top of all of these every day.  You certainly need a solution that would help you manage all of these effectively.

So if you want to dabble into the private cloud, why not use Oracle VM?

Oracle VM: Your private cloud go-to guy

Virtualization is the biggest technology to power private clouds and nothing does that better than Oracle VM.

Oracle VM allows you to virtualize any server environment so that you could easily manage the server farms and make it easy to deploy your different applications.  You can use Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager to test, manage, support and deploy everything you need from storage to applications, to middleware.

What’s more, Oracle VM allows you to do away with time-consuming, overly complicated and stressful software deployment in your data center.  Instead, you can quickly deploy pre-configured, pre-built and pre-patched virtual machines using the Oracle VM templates.  You can get Oracle Database, Oracle’s own CRM software, Oracle Real Application Clusters and the operating system itself in just one go.  You do not waste time downloading separate components and configuring each of these to run on your individual machines.

You could also use Oracle VM Manager with Storage Connect to manage your storage.  It allows you to allocate and provision storage more efficiently.  You can take advantage of the different plug-ins that the storage vendors have made available to make the task much easier, too.

Not just virtualization

Using Oracle VM does not only mean that you get the best and the latest virtualization technology available out there, but you also get to use other tools to help you manage, administer, provision, monitor and patch everything on your system.

And we saved the best for last.  Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is fully integrated with Oracle VM Manager so that you could easily manage and administer your virtual machines.  You get unprecedented control over your entire stack, including development platforms, applications, databases and right down to the infrastructure.

Furthermore, you also get the Chargeback feature that could help you keep tabs on how your organization uses cloud resources, making it easier to charge your users for their consumption.

The good news is that Oracle VM templates, Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle VM are free to download from the Oracle Web site.

Let Four Cornerstone help you

Four Cornerstone can help you with your private cloud initiatives and even assist you in deploying, configuring, maintaining and administering Oracle VM.  When you work with Four Cornerstone, you get a team of Oracle experts available to you 24/7.  Get your virtual machines and private cloud up and running in no time, only with the help from Four Cornerstone!

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