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Oracle VM Ready for OpenStack

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OpenStack's health and monitor service architecture.

OpenStack is changing the way enterprises are getting onto the cloud.  From choosing a vendor and getting locked in, businesses now have the option to get on OpenStack.  This way, they are able to become more flexible and gain the benefits of using an open source and open standards platform.  The lure of using OpenStack is easy to understand.  For one, you do not have to worry about technology or vendor lock in.  Another is that you have a world of developers who can help you through their own solutions to whatever cloud and platform problem you have.  With OpenStack, you can also become more flexible and agile.  This is because as technology changes, the demands and requirements change with it.  And OpenStack is designed for these changes.

The technology behind OpenStack is supported by more than 150 technology companies that are global giants.  One of these companies is Oracle.

If you are currently using Oracle VM, then this should be good news for you.  As of May 2014, Oracle has announced that Oracle VM, along with Oracle Linux, is now compatible with OpenStack.  Users can now have an OpenStack distribution that works within Oracle VM, giving them more options, interoperability and other benefits of using OpenStack while maintaining the high level of security, scalability, efficiency and performance that is associated with Oracle VM and Oracle Linux.

Furthermore, the company is committed to working with OpenStack and its community of developers to improve Oracle’s enterprise software, products and offerings.

The new OpenStack distribution is offered for free to Oracle VM and Oracle Linux Premier Support customers, while OpenStack services such as network and storage management are available on the Oracle Public Yum Server or the Unbreakable Linux Network.  If you are using the latest Oracle Linux version and Oracle VM 3.3’s beta version, you can get the OpenStack test environment.  You will be able to run OpenStack on Oracle Linux and still get automatic hot updates via Ksplice.

Get the best of both worlds!

Oracle VM remains to be the best in class option to make it easy to deploy and run your enterprise applications.  Oracle VM allows you to do more than just server consolidation. It also simplifies lifecycle management.  You get fully integrated virtualization, from applications and disk to cloud.  You also benefit from the more than 100 pre-built VM Templates that you can deploy in an instant.  Best of all, you do not have to worry abut license costs, while also getting low-cost support.  Meanwhile, apart from the vibrant developer community, OpenStack gives you a flexible platform for your cloud efforts and does not use any proprietary software or hardware.  As such, it is easy to integrate with legacy systems and technologies.  It also compatible with a wide selection of virtualization technologies as well as high performance computing.

Ready for Oracle VM and OpenStack?  Contact Four Cornerstone now. We can provide you with a team of Oracle professionals who can help you deploy Oracle VM with the OpenStack distribution.

Photo courtesy of OpenStack.

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