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Oracle VM Server for SPARC: Virtualization solution to meet all your needs

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 Oracle VM Server for SPARC enables you to maximize your SPARC servers.

If you need very efficient virtualization solutions that are made for businesses, then you simply must look at Oracle VM Server for SPARC.

Oracle VM Server has built-in SPARC hypervisors, making it easier for you to use virtual or logical domains to allocate memory, network, storage, CPUs and other resources in the platform. You can use Oracle VM Server for SPARC to deploy different Solaris operating systems on just one platform.  You can also have up to 128 virtual servers on just one server because of its large thread scaling.

If you need to be constantly available, you can make use of redundant virtual disks and networks.  What’s more, you can perform live migration between hosts securely and with more flexibility.

The Oracle VM Server brings together Oracle Solaris and SPARC servers, allowing you to have increased flexibility while also being able to isolate your workload processing and give you increased utilization.

Features and Benefits

What are some benefits you can get from using Oracle VM Server for SPARC?

  • Low overhead architecture that gives great performance even when there are increasing workloads.  You do not have to buy additional licenses, too.
  • If you have single root input/output virtualization support, you can use Oracle VM Server for SPARC to deliver great I/O throughput to your guest domains, making it feel more like using a standalone physical machine rather than a VM.
  • You can add or remove computing resources on a running domain.
  • You can also easily create a virtualized Oracle Solaris 10 image from existing SPARC servers running earlier Solaris versions.  You can then use this image for OS migration into the virtual environment.
  • Furthermore, you save on power because of its server power management features that disable all the cores that has idle CPU threads.
  • Most importantly, you can get top-notch business-class support only from Oracle.


Oracle VM Server for SPARC is a part of the company’s SPARC Server Virtualization offerings, which present to you a wide range of virtualization solutions to meet all your needs.  Oracle SPARC allows you to create hard partitions that are needed to have physical isolation. This way, you can use different operating systems.  Oracle VM Server for SPARC enables you to maximize your SPARC servers.

What’s more, you can use the Oracle VM Manager to have a centralized server virtualization management tool that you could apply to manage your virtual machines, storage and networking.

Let Four Cornerstone Help you!

If you are looking to take advantage of virtualization for your enterprise, then make sure that you consider Oracle software to do the job.  And when it comes to Oracle products and technology, nothing comes close to Four Cornerstone.  We can help you implement and deploy Oracle VM Server for SPARC.

Almost instantly, you will benefit from Oracle VM Server for SPARC.  What’s more, Four Cornerstone can help train your IT staff and users with everything you need to learn about Oracle VM Server for SPARC and other Oracle technologies. Call us today to find out how we could help!

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