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Oracle VM Templates: Deploy Oracle apps the easy way

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 If you need to create Oracle VM Templates, you can just create one using the VM creation wizard.

The Oracle VM Templates are virtual machines or a collection of virtual machines that you can use.  These virtual machines have Oracle and other software already built in, installed and configured.  You do not even have to install the machines for you to start using them.

You would need to download the Templates from Oracle’s e-Delivery service, then import them to an instance on Oracle VM.  After deploying and starting up the virtual machine, you will already be able to use the software.

You could create your own Templates, or you could have a third-party software vendor do it for you.  Better yet, have Oracle or Four Cornerstone create it for you.  Four Cornerstone has a team of Oracle VM Templates experts that can help you with any tasks, software and operations you need.

These Oracle products can give you the platform for the VM Templates:

  • Oracle Enterprise Linux
  • Oracle VM Server

You can add your own proprietary code or software to any Oracle VM Template and sell or deliver that as another solution.

Oracle and its VM Templates can help you get all the applications you need, including Siebel and PeopleSoft and the database, as well as all the middleware you need.  And even the server virtualization platform and operating system.  You can get all these easily using only a browser.

This is truly the most reliable, fastest and easiest way to deploy applications and other software from Oracle.

The advantages of using Oracle VM Templates

Just imagine.

Without the Oracle VM Templates, you will be faced with a complex installation process that can take up a lot of time and could give you a lot of errors.  Enterprise software usually comes in modules and you will need to install, configure and deploy these modules individually.  Then you would need to patch it up.  If you are working with different machines using different operating systems, then the complexity multiplies!

This Oracle software can reduce the complexity of the traditional installation process, as well as the risks associated with it.  You can have everything in the template and it is all ready for you to start up and use.  These Templates are also licensed for production use and you do not have to waste time learning how to install it!

What’s more, these templates would look like the software was installed, deployed and patched manually.  You do not have to waste time trying to find anything nor do you need to change your maintenance procedures.  This is a very important point, because some competing services leave you unable to maintain patches and other components with Oracle provided tools and patches.

Further, you can easily customize Oracle VM Templates and you can use them to create guest VMs.

Lastly, if you need to create Oracle VM Templates, you can just create one using the VM creation wizard available in the Virtual Machines tab of the Manager UI.  It does not get simpler and more straightforward than that!

Call Four Cornerstone today and get some Oracle consulting service to find out how we could help you with Oracle’s VM Templates, as well as with other Oracle software!

Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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