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Oracle VM VirtualBox Benefits and Features

 Oracle VM VirtualBox gives you unmatched performance and a powerful way to have multiple OSes living in just one computer.

Oracle VM VirtualBox is a virtualization software that is currently available for every major platform there is: Windows, Mac OS X, Oracle Solaris and Linux.

By using Oracle VM VirtualBox, you can literally take any computer and have different operating systems running simultaneously on it, thus allowing you to develop, demonstrate, deploy and test applications, software and solutions on just one machine.

Benefits and features

Ease of use is one of the selling points of Oracle VM VirtualBox.  It is very lightweight, so installation and usage is very easy.  Yet, it still gives you a powerful and fast virtualization solution.  Everything you need to do to create new VMs are laid out in easy-to-follow wizards.  It is also very easy to export and import appliances using the .ova format.  You could even support VMs collectively, allowing you to start and stop operations for the entire group simultaneously.  Other stuff that Oracle VM VirtualBox simplifies includes networking, shared folders, guest additions and virtual media management.

Powerful. Oracle VM VirtualBox has the latest AMD and Intel hardware support, allowing you to have fast execution times and makes use of chip-level virtualization support.  You can easily run up to 32 vCPUs and have a range of virtual storage controllers as well as asynchronous input and output virtual disk.  It also has video acceleration and 3D graphics support, remote display, USB and serial connections, crisp audio, ACPI support, and even an advanced page sharing technique in Page Fusion.

Control your resources more effectively.  CPU execution, network I/O, disk read and writes and other host resources can be throttled or capped.  If there are hackers or rogue guests using your virtual machines, they would not be able to consume more than your set caps.

You could also use a Web service API to remotely control your Oracle VM VirtualBox.

Further, you can now have up to 36 vNICs or virtual network interface cards so that you could test even the most complex configurations and setups for your network.

You will also love just how easy it is to clone your VMs and get branched or multi-generational snapshots.  Snapshots give you the option to revert to a previous state.  This is very useful when you are installing software.  When you have a snapshot, you can easily revert to a previous known state before your installation if things go wrong.

Unparalleled community support.  Free for personal use, Oracle VM VirtualBox is also supported by a large community of Oracle users.  So if you need help with anything related to Oracle VM VirtualBox, you can just go to forums such as, or search the Internet for solutions.

In short, Oracle VM VirtualBox gives you unmatched performance and a powerful way to have multiple OSes living in just one computer.  This allows you to test and develop your applications and see how they would run on Mac, Linux, Windows, Oracle Solaris and any other machine.

If you are having problems using Oracle VM VirtualBox, call Four Cornerstone.  We have a team of Oracle experts that can assist you with anything related to Oracle VM VirtualBox!

Screenshot courtesy of VirtualBox.


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