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Oracle VM vs. VMware

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 Oracle VM has a very efficient architecture that allows you to lower your overhead as you start using virtual servers.

There is no argument that virtualization is a great thing for all businesses, no matter their size.  By allowing you to run different operating systems and applications on a single computer or server, businesses can optimize their hardware and lower IT costs.

Oracle VM allows you to virtualize your servers and it does not just offer server consolidation.  With Oracle VM, you get to deploy your applications quickly while also making it simple to manage its lifecycle.

You would find that Oracle VM has some major advantages over VMware.


Oracle VM: The Plus Side


For one, Oracle VM is application-driven, meaning it knows what is running inside the virtual machine, allowing it to manage and provision middleware, databases and applications.  VMware hypervisor does not.  With Oracle VM, you can manage the physical server, applications and hypervisor right out of the box.  In contrast, with VMware, you need different tools coming from different vendors to manage the hypervisor and everything else on your virtual machine.


Oracle VM is also budget-friendly as it is free to use, download and even distribute.  You only pay for support and that is also very practical.  That is a total blow to VMware’s very high cost of ownership, coupled with its expensive license, management and support costs.

Very Accessible

When it comes to scalability, VMware vSphere 5.1 can support up to 64 virtual CPUs in a guest virtual machine.  Oracle VM 3.0 can do twice that since it can handle up to 128 vCPUs on a single guest VM.

Further, VMware relies on its community for applications and appliances.  Most of the virtual appliances available out there are not even supported by its vendor.  Oracle VM offers users templates that allow you to have pre-configured and pre-installed VMs – so you could easily deploy different software such as ERP, CRM and clustering systems.  Sometimes, it only takes minutes to get a software up and running.  You can also use the Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder to create and deploy applications quickly and easily.  In short, Oracle VM allows you to speed up your application development and deployment.  An offshoot advantage of this is that you only need to call Oracle for all your support needs, instead of being referred to another vendor for support.

High Availability

Oracle VM also wins when it comes to availability.  Because VMware is not aware of anything that runs on it, it will be completely oblivious when an application stops for some reason.  Oracle VM offers high availability for all layers.  Users can also deploy Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Clusterware to ensure higher availability.

Top-notch Architecture

In addition, Oracle VM has a very efficient architecture that allows you to lower your overhead as you start using virtual servers.  You can also optimize better for Xen and Linux.


Four Cornerstone: Experts in Oracle VM

If you are sold on using Oracle VM for your virtualized servers, then you simply must call Four Cornerstone.  We have a team of Oracle VM experts that can help you install and deploy Oracle VM.  No waiting, no mistakes, we can have your Oracle VM systems up and running in no time!

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