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Oracle WebCenter Content: The tools, features and benefits

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Oracle WebCenter Content comes with digital asset management capabilities including Flash support.

Oracle Universal Content Management is now called Oracle WebCenter Content.

Oracle WebCenter Content is part of the service you get from Oracle WebCenter.  It helps you get all the tools you need to manage your content.

With Oracle WebCenter Content, you can bring together unstructured content from different systems and various sources so that it all makes sense to you.  Your content could come from your employees’ phones, tablets, workstations and other sources and you will still be able to access these when you need it.  All your content are centralized, making management easier.

Records and Document Management

Oracle WebCenter Content can help make it easier to manage documents and records.  It centralizes all your records and content then allows you to assign lifecycle policy on these for the entire organization.

Document Capture and Imaging

If you have offline content, you can scan these into your system and Oracle WebCenter will help you recognize the content, classify it and then route the documents, forms, faxes and literally everything you have to various business applications that use these data.


Oracle WebCenter Content works with more than 500 different file formats.  You can take unstructured data and files, and extract what you need, as well as convert and view it.

Integration with Applications

You can have your users and employees see the content easily and act on the data and information that Oracle WebCenter Content gathers from within their own business applications.

Features and benefits of using Oracle WebCenter Content

1. Great user experience.

Oracle WebCenter Content has a modern, easy-to-use and intuitive user interface.  This allows users to easily find and view the available content.  It also enables them to collaborate with other people.

Searching for relevant content is very easy because of its powerful search features.  It also comes with great desktop integration, allowing you to work with Microsoft Word, Excel and other software in the Microsoft Office suite. It also works with any Android and iOS devices.

2. Easy content administration.

All your content from every source possible is stored in a central repository, making it easier for you to manage and then deploy data.

Oracle WebCenter Content also uses technology that the company used for its Fusion Middleware stack, which means that you can use any application made for Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Enterprise Manager. You could also use this with any of the major operating systems that are currently available such as Linux, AIX, HP/UX, Windows and Solaris, among others.

3. Process and Image Management

Oracle WebCenter Content also works with Oracle Business Process Management Suite that allows you to automate tasks and design workflows for your images. It is also compatible with Application Extension Framework to help you integrate it with any existing applications you have.

4. Retention and Records Management

End users and administrators would love how easy it is to create and manage records and apply retention policies.

5. Manage your digital assets.

Oracle WebCenter Content also comes with digital asset management capabilities including Flash support.  You can now create and share Flash animation on top of being able to create storyboards, or embedding files using EXIF and XMP files.  You can also convert files from one format to another.

Four Cornerstone can help you get started with Oracle WebCenter Content.  Call us today!

Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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