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Oracle WebCenter: The Texas A&M Experience

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Three pillars working together  Sites, Portal, and Content.
Oracle WebCenter gives users all the Web experience management, content management, portal and collaboration tools and technology that they need in order to provide exceptional and fruitful experiences to their employees, customers, users and partners.

Oracle WebCenter allows you to get on mobile devices, become a social business and even help connect your stakeholders to information.

WebCenter has three components:

  1. WebCenter Content allows users to share data and information in a very efficient manner.  They can use their preferred devices.  It also offers both comprehensive content lifecycle management and content management system.
  2. WebCenter Portal allows users to create intuitive and personalized portals, applications and mash ups.
  3. WebCenter Sites allows users to guide, convert and engage their customers using rich media on both desktop and mobile.

The Texas A&M University Oracle WebCenter Experience

Texas A&M University is the leading university in the state of Texas.  In 2011, the University had more than 2,700 academic staff and more than 53,000 students.

As such, it has a large system of researchers that it needs to manage.  It wanted its faculty to be as successful as they can be and have the maximum amount of time to do their research, instead of having to worry about anything else, especially administrative matters.

The university turned to Oracle WebCenter to help its faculty and its researchers go through large amount of data.  Oracle WebCenter enabled them to communicate with each other, thus also allowing them to share funding opportunities as well as information on equipment that are available at other labs, among other things.

It gave them wikis, blogs and other online forums to share information.

For example, if a researcher is looking for an expert in chemistry or is coming up with a delivery method for drugs, he or she can use WebCenter to find just the right person he or she is looking for in as little time possible.

Why is this important?  Texas A&M University has 11 universities, a health science center and seven Texas agencies under its system.  That alone makes it difficult to track personnel, experts and resources.  The University spends $700 million for its research activities every year.

WebCenter allowed the university to coordinate work done across each organization in the system.  So instead of administering the system, the researchers have more time to innovate, research and discover new things.

With Oracle WebCenter, you can transform your organization to be more agile, while also increasing customer loyalty and user productivity.  You could also make accurate information more readily available for your users.  More than this, you can connect people with information and people with people.

Let Four Cornerstone Help you With All your Oracle WebCenter Concerns

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