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Oracle WebCenter’s Latest Release Bring a Slew of New and Better Features

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The new Oracle WebCenter Capture makes it easier for you to start automating any business process.

Oracle released the latest Oracle WebCenter last August 2013.  With the new version comes an enhanced set of features that Oracle promises would lower your costs, make your operations more efficient and increase your revenue.

In a nutshell, Oracle improved WebCenter’s portal, Web experience management, collaboration tools and enterprise content management capabilities.

What’s up with Oracle WebCenter?

The new Oracle WebCenter Portal release makes it faster and easier for you to make intuitive portals.  The new WebCenter Portal can streamline your development by providing tools that you can use for mobile and Web applications.  What’s more, you can use templates and a WYSIWYG editor.

Oracle also updated its WebCenter Content so that you can efficiently and easily share information.  WebCenter Content offers you a comprehensive and scalable content management system and makes it easy for you to manage your content throughout its entire lifecycle.  It also enables your users to access information on their preferred devices.

Oracle WebCenter Sites also got a lift in terms of its functionalities.  Your marketing team can now use it to guide, convert and engage your customers.

With the newly improved set of features, Oracle WebCenter Sites can give you effective mobile websites that are easy to create and manage.  You can also use video and other digital content to give your customers a rich experience online.  Moreover, you can give them better and much more relevant results when they search for something.

And then there’s the increasing popularity of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, which will make you want your site to be mobile-ready.  With Oracle WebCenter Sites Mobile Option, you can easily give your visitors a mobile optimized site that displays just perfectly on their mobile devices.  You can use the same authoring interface and create Web versions and mobile versions of your site.  You can even use drag and drop to create mobile pages on the fly.  What’s more, you can use Mobile Option to preview how your page would look like using different device screens.  It also supports responsive design and HTML5.  Lastly, it can help you give your mobile users a more personalized and highly relevant experience with your site.

The new Oracle WebCenter Capture makes it easier for you to start automating any business process. Now, you can scan your documents from anywhere, whether you are in the office headquarters or in remote locations.  WebCenter Capture can help you manage high volume document capture and allow you to index these in whatever way you want.  Further, it can automatically get data from your images so that you could easily retrieve whatever information you need.

Let Four Cornerstone Help you with Oracle WebCenter

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Moreover, if you need to train employees and your IT staff on how to make use of Oracle WebCenter to maximize your investments, we can provide you with the training you need as well.

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Photo courtesy of Oracle WebCenter’s Facebook Page.

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