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Oracle WebLogic Suite: Have better performing application servers

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Oracle WebLogic Suite brings together the functionalities of both Oracle WebLogic Server and the earlier Oracle Application Server. 

Businesses nowadays rely on application servers to help them deliver applications and software to just about any device or computer.  Application servers help businesses simplify application development.

Moreover, using an application server helps enterprises ensure code and data integrity as well as have higher performing, secure and easily manageable applications.

Oracle WebLogic Suite is a part of the company’s Fusion Middleware platform. WebLogic Suite comes with:

  • Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Coherence Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Java SE Suite
  • iAS EE

Oracle WebLogic Suite is an advanced offering that provides everything you can get from Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition, plus the functionalities you see in Oracle Coherence Enterprise Edition, Active GridLink for RAC and Java SE Suite.

Features and Benefits

Oracle promises that with Oracle WebLogic Suite, you will have better performing application servers than your competitors who are using another application server.  At the same time, you will be able to lower operational costs.

Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition gives you better application performance along with unparalleled diagnostics capabilities.  At the end of the day, you get high availability applications at a very low cost.

What’s more, Oracle WebLogic Server can help simplify application development because it is fully compatible with Java EE6.  In fact, Oracle assures that it is the best foundation for your enterprise applications.  Also, it has HTML5 support so that you could have interactive applications that run on HTML5 browsers and clients.

On top of this, you will also be able to easily access your choice of open source technologies for use with your Oracle enterprise applications. So if you want the fastest application response times and the most application throughput, you should only look at Oracle WebLogic Server.

Want a bonus with that?  It will be easy to deploy, manage and monitor your applications with Oracle WebLogic Server!

With Oracle Coherence Enterprise Edition, you will be able to scale linearly while also improving reliability and performance.  You could also use other Oracle Coherence features without application programming such as utilizing available Coherence APIs and Web HTTP session management.

Oracle WebLogic Suite brings together the functionalities of both Oracle WebLogic Server and the earlier Oracle Application Server, effectively enabling you to use legacy and custom applications you already have.

Oracle WebLogic Suite has better integration capabilities with Oracle Real Application clusters.  What this means is that you can achieve higher availability and connectivity.

Meanwhile, Oracle Java SE Suite can give you the ability to access Oracle JDK and Oracle JRockit, two of the world’s top JVMs, along with Java environment for your applications. Java SE Suite also has improved garbage collection technology that lowers latency and cuts pause times for your applications.

Let Four Cornerstone Help You

Planning to deploy Oracle WebLogic Suite for your business? You can get all the help that you need from Four Cornerstone.

Four Cornerstone has a team of Oracle experts that are ready to help you with everything you need.  Senior IT professionals, consultants and programmers from Four Cornerstone are ready to help you out 24/7.  Call us today and get the benefits and convenience of having Oracle WebLogic Suite working for your enterprise applications!

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