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Oracle’s blockchain is proof of its superior cloud infrastructure

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Oracle Bare Metal and cloud platform are the best fit for Fintech companies that are still starting out.

Oracle’s cloud infrastructure allows you to be very flexible. You get bare metal servers without having to rely on any cloud service. However, that does not mean that you will not get the benefits. Using Oracle Bare Metal, you can still get all the advantages of being in the cloud.

This is the reason why Jiri Kram, currently Oracle’s customer experience solution architect, just loves Oracle Bare Metal. This even as he and his team have looked at other more established platforms, including IBM Bluemix, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure. There are a lot to like about these mature platforms, but none of these allowed Kram and his team to fully control their own infrastructure, set them free from the dependency on any cloud provider, while also enjoying the full benefits of the cloud.

As such, Kram and his team were able to work on their project without the meddling of their cloud providers. What’s more, they have already started on the project using Salesforce, but decided that Salesforce was not the right platform for it.

If Kram decided on any other platform, it would have meant losing everything that they have worked on so far, including a significant portion of the code already written and the customizations already in place. Oracle provided a way for them to port everything that they have worked on so far. You can port your project no matter where you put it on the cloud and just use Oracle Cloud to continue working where you left off.

In Kram’s case, their project already had lines and lines of Apex codes. Plus, they also had customized Sobjects that were written with Salesforce in mind. Using Oracle Machine Learning and Oracle Cloud API, they were able to duplicate the Salesforce environment and code in the Oracle Cloud environment. They were even able to use Java and cloud databases from the company.

For these reasons, Kram said that Oracle Bare Metal and cloud platform are the best fit for Fintech companies that are still starting out. Kram was impressed by the level of support the company offered to new Fintech enterprises, and how passionate Oracle’s own employees were at seeing startups build their projects on Oracle’s products.

Furthermore, all of these technologies primed Oracle to have a significant role in blockchain technology development. This is part of the reason why Oracle joined Hyperledger.


What is Hyperledger?

Hyperledger is an umbrella project that brings together open source blockchains and tools. Some of Oracle’s partners in this project include Digital Asset, Cisco, Hitachi, Intel, NTT DATA, VMware, ABN AMRO, ANZ Bank, BNY Mellon, the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, Deutsche Börse Group, Wells Fargo, SAP, Systems integrators, Accenture, Wipro, and Nxt Foundation.

According to Kram, this move to get involved in blockchain only confirms the company’s superiority in the cloud.

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Screenshot photo courtesy of Oracle Cloud.

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