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How Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance delivers comprehensive data protection

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Recovery Appliance reduces backup and restore costs. 60% less storage and 90% less networking.

Imagine restoring your database and you lose all critical business data generated from the last backup. What can be a worse scenario than that? If there is an engineered system that can deliver incomparable data protection, scalability, and efficiency, will you take advantage of the solution for your peace of mind and your company’s utmost protection?

Oracle offers the ideal solution with its Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance. It is the pioneer in providing zero data loss protection for Oracle Databases.

The other available solutions in the market fail to provide an end-to-end data protection because they consider databases as records of data to copy, nothing more. They fail to recognize that databases are transactional platforms with data integrity, availability and performance requirements. As such, with other solutions, valuable business data is lost. This situation dramatically affects the organization and its users. Other data protection solutions are also fragmented, and complex to deploy and manage.

With Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, cutting-edge technologies for data protection are tightly integrated with Oracle Database to handle critical challenges and evolving demands.

Key features of Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

  1. Eradicates data loss exposure. Redo data’s real-time transfer to the recovery appliance provides security for the latest transactions. This functionality eliminates data loss exposure when restoring the database.
  1. Simplifies end-to-end management of data protection lifecycle. The appliance’s control and automation system makes it easier to manage the entire data protection lifecycle.
  1. Wipes out the impact on the production environment. The appliance implements an incremental-forever backup architecture based on innovative technologies. This minimizes production database impact.
  1. Allows database recovery at any time. Its constant database validation feature does not only ensure data integrity; it also makes sure database recovery is enabled all the time.
  1. Enhances tape resource utilization. It has an autonomous tape archival functionality that can run continuously to augment tape resource utilization.
  1. Provides cloud-scale database protection. The cloud-scale architecture empowers a lone Recovery Appliance to manage the need for data protection if you have a large number of databases.
  2. Protects critical business data from failures. For architecture failures, such as site outages, the appliance can duplicate the data either to a remote Recovery Appliance or an Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service. This is done in real time.

It’s not just a backup system

Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance delivers an unconventional approach to database protection. It does not just offer backup capabilities; it also delivers business availability and performance. All your mission-critical protection requirements are in one system. What’s more, with the cloud-scale architecture, a single Recovery Appliance can handle the data protection requirements of thousands of databases, eliminating the cost and complexity of different backup systems.

Contact Four Cornerstone now and discover more about the solution that offers complete data protection for Oracle Databases. Our Oracle Consulting in Dallas Fort Worth will explain how Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance delivers end-to-end security that completely eradicates data loss while maintaining business availability.

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