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Oracle’s Fast Data Solutions: For your business’ growing database

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 Fast data allows you to process huge amounts of data and turn it into timely insights and decisions.

It would seem that every business is considering big data right now.  Big data is seen to give businesses great insights about their operations and could spell the difference between getting swallowed by the competition or surviving in this increasingly cutthroat environment.

One of the constructs you should be looking at is velocity.  Most businesses only look at the volume of data that they have to manage when it comes to evaluating their big data software.  However, you would need to be able to process a tremendous amount of data very fast to be able to make timely decisions.  This is the only way you could maximize the value out of your data.  This is what is termed as “fast data”, or the ability to manage huge quantities of data.  This is the capability to access and process data in real time.

Oracle tools for fast data

Fortunately, Oracle gives you a range of fast data solutions to use.  To give you an overview, here are the Oracle software and other products that you could use in order to tap into fast data.

  • Oracle NoSQL and Oracle Event Processing.  Using Oracle NoSQL and Oracle Event Processing allows you to use pre-defined rules so that you could filter data and correlate them with other big data sources.  Both runs in-memory so you can get the best performance.  You could also use both with Oracle Coherence in order to have a scalable solution to filtering and correlation.
  • Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator.  These two offerings can help you get all the data you want to capture, be these structured data or otherwise.  With Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator, you can move your data to the right place.  You can also transform it to the right format for optimum use.
  • Oracle’s data analysis tools.  You can also use Oracle Business Analytics to find out what types of analyses you can do with your data.  Or use Oracle Endeca Information Discovery, which allows you to discover the data you might not know you have.  This way, you have access to a variety of complex data that you can explore and analyze!
  • Oracle Real-Time Decisions and Oracle BPM.  Oracle Real-Time Decisions and Oracle BPM help you make the right decisions and even allow you to implement these decisions automatically.  You can make use of predictive models, policies, performance goals and business rules in order to turn your data into action!

Make use of your Oracle products

Fast data might be a new area, but you might not know that you already have the tools to take advantage of it.  If you are using Oracle products now, chances are, you can already use these tools to give your business an edge.  Fast data allows you to process huge amounts of data and turn it into timely insights and decisions.

Call Four Cornerstone today and find out how you could use and benefit from Oracle’s fast data platforms.  We will set up your fast data tools for you so that you do not have to worry about how to do it and whether you have done it right.

Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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