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What can Oracle’s Best of Suite Applications deliver to your business?

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Oracle is one unique company that offers a complete solution for your business – from hardware to software and support.

Imagine having the best-of-breed applications addressing your specific business needs, but you are dealing with multiple vendors for different solutions. Will it not be troublesome for your IT team to deploy and manage everything?

What if you have the option to deal with just one vendor for all the leading-edge solutions you require?

Oracle doesn’t just offer a comprehensive range of enterprise solutions in the cloud; it also delivers “best of suite” offerings.

Having well-connected and integrated applications give your organization the convenience and optimization only a leading-edge technology can provide. What can Oracle’s best of suite applications deliver to your organization?

The benefits of “Best of Suite” approach

  1. Full range of functionality from only one vendor.

Oracle has made many acquisitions over the years, and these applications are now working cohesively as a suite. Nevertheless, individual applications are still available as a standalone to meet a customer’s specific need.

When you start with one Oracle Cloud application, not only will it be convenient just to add another solution according to your specific business requirement. It will also give your enterprise a consistent look and feel, and the back-end integration will not be an issue for your IT team. That is why embracing a more simplified suite approach makes sense to many enterprises.

  1. A faster and more efficient solution that makes a difference.

Oracle has established a strong reputation across the globe in providing a more rapid and more effective solution that can make a difference in all your business areas. This is the kind of solution that will help you to stay ahead of competition.

What’s more, when you run Oracle’s mission-critical applications on Oracle servers and engineered systems, you get the best technologies working seamlessly together. You eliminate the deployment challenges, reduce the total cost of ownership, and generate business value right from the start. Oracle also optimizes every layer of the IT stack, and this feature enables you to have a timely, actionable business insight. As a result, you are able to deliver an enhanced quality experience for your customers.

  1. Significant reduction in skills and maintenance costs of many legacy applications.

Having to deal with many legacy application vendors increases the skills and maintenance costs. An integrated software delivered via the cloud is the sensible, modern answer to legacy applications.

Oracle offers best of suite applications that are completely integrated, all from just only one vendor. The company provides an enterprise solution that delivers agile performance and significant difference for your customers, managers, employees and IT team. When it comes to support, Oracle is also renowned for providing the most complete and proactive assistance to its customers worldwide.

Oracle is one unique company that offers a complete solution for your business – from hardware to software and support.

If you want to address your application challenges and experience the power and agility of best of suite cloud-based applications, contact Four Cornerstone now. Our Oracle consulting in Dallas will provide you more details on how your enterprise will benefit from the best of suite approach.

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