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Oracle’s Sun Netra Servers: For your most demanding and ever-changing enterprise

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Oracle Sun Netra Server. Netra SPARC T4-2's front and back panels.

Oracle has a line of servers that are just perfect for high reliability even in the most demanding environments.  Called the Oracle Netra Carrier Grade Servers, this family of servers are ideal for military, emergency and communications systems, or just about anywhere that needs constant availability.  The Netra servers are proven tough even in a variety of extreme environments and conditions, including earthquakes, fire and loss of cooling.  When it comes to Netra, you can be sure that it will give you availability where others fail.

There are two classes of Netra servers available:

  1. Sun Netra Carrier Grade Rackmount Servers
  2. Sun Netra 6000 Carrier Grade Blade Servers

Sun Netra Carrier Grade Rackmount Servers

Sun Netra Carrier Grade Rackmount Servers give you reliable service, great performance and utmost scalability.  With Oracle, you can easily get a complete business grade rackmount server.  Everything you need is provided to you by Oracle.

Under this line of server products, you have the Sun Netra SPARC Rackmount Servers, which is further divided into two offerings: the SPARC T4-1 Server and the SPARC T4-2 Server, both of which are ideal if you are planning to grow, develop or expand LTE or 4G networks as it supports even the most demanding workloads for communications.

Then you also have the Sun Netra x86 X3-2 Rackmount Servers.  The X3-2 is ideal for 4G networks as well as infrastructures that are cloud based.   This system is very reliable and is easy to manage and scale.

Sun Netra 6000 Carrier Grade Blade Servers

If you need extreme storage, highly scalable and flexible deployments, then you should consider the seven products under the Sun Netra 6000 Carrier Grade Blade Servers.  There are three different lines under this category:

  1. Sun Netra Enterprise Blade Servers
  2. Sun Netra Networking Products
  3. Oracle Carrier Grade-Engineered Systems

The Sun Netra Enterprise Blade Servers include the Netra Blade X3-2B Server Module, which is architected for developing, growing and expanding cloud infrastructures and 4G networks on x86 systems.  The Sun Netra 6000 Modular System gives telecommunications customers the highest reliability and availability with its NEBS-certified blade system, which allows you to get high density networking needed for IP services on telecom networks.

Netra SPARC T4-1B Server Module is just perfect for Web, OSS/BSS applications, data center consolidation and media services, while Netra SPARC T5-1B Server Module is what is used for the mission-critical applications used in the military, public sectors and telecommunications.

Then there are the Sun Netra Networking Products, where non-blocking switching is possible among all blades on the system.

Lastly, you have the Oracle Network Applications Platform under Oracle Carrier Grade-Engineered Systems, which allows you to develop carrier level applications that give you the ability to improve time to market, lower cost and foster innovations.

Looking for stress-free highly available and reliable business-grade servers? Then look no further than Oracle’s Netra Carrier-Grade Servers.  If you need help determining which server is the perfect one for your enterprise and your needs, call Four Cornerstone at 817-377-1144 and talk to a team of Oracle experts who can also help you procure, license and deploy everything you need.

Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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