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Protect and Backup your Business Data with Oracle Secure Backup


Oracle Secure Backup is certified to work well with more than 200 tape devices that use fibre, SAS or SCSI connectivity.

With Oracle Secure Backup, you can save as much as 75%. Click to enlarge.

Today’s businesses should consider data as their most important asset.  But because of the amount of data coming in and data they have to store, analyze and protect, it is easy to understand how businesses could easily get lost in the process.  Thankfully, Oracle can help you simplify your IT process, especially when it comes to protecting your data.

Oracle Secure Backup 10.4 is a good way to back up your business data.  It gives you a simple tape backup management even when you are keeping a variety of file systems and you get it all in one place.  As a result, you do not have to deal with the complexity and high costs that are sadly becoming more and more attached to performance and secure data backup and protection.

What you get with Oracle Secure Backup

Oracle Secure Backup allows you to manage backups for your Network Attached Storage and Oracle databases, even when you have complicated IT environments.  You can manage all of your backups, no matter where they come from, from a single console and interface.  Instead of just taking care of protecting your file systems, Oracle Secure Backup also integrates with Oracle databases so that you could get a faster and optimized restore and backup system for your databases.  In short, you can get tape backup for your entire IT environment using only Oracle Secure Backup.

Working with Oracle Secure Backup, you can:

  • Get better and faster backups than other tools and utilities, sometimes gaining up to 40% improvement in backup speed at lesser CPU utilization.
  • Faster transfer for data coming from Oracle Database Appliance or Exadata to your media servers.  Oracle Secure Backup does this by using Reliable Datagram Sockets over RDMA or Remote Data Memory Access over IB or Infiniband.

For Linux, Unix and Windows servers

For your Linux, Unix and Windows servers, you’ll get premium file system data protection.  You also get NAS data protection with NDMP or Network Data Management Protocol.

Plus, you get the best of class backup encryption that protects your data.  Tape data is portable and you also have to think about long-term storage as well as disaster recovery.  Oracle Secure Backup helps you address all that.  You can get policy-based encryption using encryption keys that you store on your administrative server.  With Oracle Secure Backup, you are able to use host-based encryption, or make use of the T10000 B/C or the LTO 4/5 tape encryption.

Not only that, Oracle Secure Backup also helps you manage your tapes throughout its entire lifecycle – from the first write to reuses and all through expiration and every step in between.

Oracle Secure Backup is certified to work well with more than 200 tape devices that use fibre, SAS or SCSI connectivity.  It also gives you tape duplication without going through the server and dynamic drive sharing.

If you want to learn more about Oracle Secure Backup, and other Oracle products, software, features and utilities, you can call Four Cornerstone at 1-817-377-1144.  You can talk to or work with a team of Oracle certified professionals who can guide you through making the best out of your IT investments.

Photo courtesy of Oracle.


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