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Protect Sensitive Data and Prevent Breaches with MySQL Enterprise Security

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Your database has every important pieces of information that your company holds. Imagine giving all of that crucial data to your competitors, or worse, let hackers have a go at them.

As a business, it is your responsibility to ensure that you keep that data private to conform to regulations. Depending on your industry, the type of business you do, or the customers you have, there are several compliance standards that you must adhere to.

For instance, healthcare companies need to be compliant with HIPAA guidelines, while those with European customers must keep their information secure because of GDPR.

MySQL Enterprise Security has advanced security features that can protect sensitive data while also preventing breaches. Plus, it can ensure compliance with various regulatory requirements.

What MySQL Solutions Solve

Let’s break it down further.

Data breaches have been happening to even the biggest companies, such as Facebook and Yahoo. MySQL has tools that allow you to assess, monitor, detect, and prevent hacking attempts.

What’s more, did you know that only a small handful of records lost are encrypted? Businesses are practically giving everything away all their trade secrets if they get attacked. The good news is that MySQL Enterprise TDE and MySQL Enterprise encryption can encrypt your data whether it’s at rest or being transmitted.

MySQL Enterprise Edition also has advanced security protocols and tools that help businesses become more compliant with PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulations.

MySQL Security and External Services

If you have external services, then you will love how MySQL Enterprise Edition gives you plugins that help you secure it.

For instance, MySQL Enterprise Edition has an authentication plugin that lets MySQL Server Pluggable Authentication Modules identify and authenticate users. PAM lets your system use a standard interface for different kinds of authentication protocols. You can use an LDAP directory or UNIX passwords.

It also has a plugin that works to authenticate on Windows. This plugin allows MySQL Server to use Windows services to let a client connect to it. What these mean is that users who are logged into Windows can connect to MySQL Server via clients without needing to key in another password.

Furthermore, MySQL Enterprise Edition 5.6 and later versions also give you a set of encryption functions that are based on the OpenSSL library. This way, you get OpenSSL capabilities even on SQL. Using this, you can now mask data using obfuscation, generating random data, substitution, and other methods.

If you are using MySQL Enterprise Edition 5.7 or later versions, you can take advantage of the keyring plugin. This feature works with Oracle Key Vault to store your keys.

Call Four Cornerstone today!

If you are using MySQL Enterprise and would like headache free day-to-day operations, then you should call Four Cornerstone to help you secure your MySQL database. This way, you can get the most out of your MySQL investment and be more secure.

If you want to prevent hacking attacks or just want to be more compliant, then we can help you.  Call (817) 377-1144 today.

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