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The Rise of the Oracle Engineered Systems

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With Oracle Engineered Systems you get to get the infrastructure, hardware and software that Oracle engineers and the top companies use.

There is no doubt that Oracle’s Engineered Systems are currently gaining foothold in the market. This is because these systems allow users to have a holistic approach to analytics, cloud and operational business needs. In fact, in a recent announcement, Oracle’s Mark Hurd said that the company has sold its 10,000th unit of engineered systems. This signals the transition from being a product that early adopters buy to something more mainstream, meaning that Oracle Engineered Systems is now ready for the general population.

It is very easy to understand why this has happened.   Oracle Engineered Systems is very economical. It is no longer just a system that solved complex technical problems but is also a way to cut on costs and increase efficiency. For instance, Oracle has recently worked with an energy company that run its important business processes on traditional hardware. They used Oracle SuperCluster and these business processes, which used to run for 21 hours, now only takes 45 minutes. This means that the company can now see their business results at any time they wish, and even change their whole business processes.

Plus, it ushers in the age of innovation for both the business and IT side of the enterprise. No more do you need to source your hardware and software from different vendors, you can get it all from Oracle. Everything is integrated and everything is optimized to work together. On top of everything else, you do not have to worry about vendor lock in. This is because everything you need as far as infrastructure is concerned comes from Oracle, but all the technologies on it are based on open standards, for instance SQL and Java on Engineered Systems are all industry standards, while the database here works on other systems as well. What this means is that all other applications that you may be using now will just work with Engineered Systems.

And this is what makes your life with Engineered Systems a whole lot easier. You get to get the infrastructure, hardware and software that Oracle engineers and the top companies use, without having to do anything too complex to tune it and get it running. You also have only one throat to choke, which means that you only have one vendor to go to if you encounter problems. In the old days, when your datacenter runs into a problem with the server, you need to figure out whether to call your database vendor, or your virtualization service provider, or some other provider.

Four Cornerstone offers Oracle consulting in Dallas. This means that if you want to experience the benefits of using Oracle Engineered Systems, then you can rely on us. We can help you figure out how Oracle Engineered Systems could help you cut on costs, while also improving your efficiency and helping you get more innovations into the door. Four Cornerstone can also help you procure all the Oracle software and hardware that you need. The best thing is that, we are just a phone call away! Just pick up the phone and dial 1 (817) 377 1144 to get your Oracle systems up and running today!

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